Fall 2012 Will Be a Cornucopia of Variety for Photographic Workshops

Consider this a fall 2012 cornucopia of workshops coming up: some are the classic fall landscape 'shops and some are the high end artistic stuff. We do enjoy pulling out some really interesting ones from time to time, like Maine Media Workshop's photographic journey on a boat, which (though pricey) may be a great way to travel and photograph the coast of Newfoundland. We added a Jay Maisel workshop (acclaimed as one of the top 20 most influential photographers of all time), which is bound to be a lot of straightforward critique, and some softer, gentler tours such as Marc Muench's desert workshop in Santa Fe. As always, this is not a comprehensive list by any means, but a smattering of interesting workshops around the country this fall.

HIGH DESERT LIGHT (by Marc Muench and Santa Fe Workshops)

"There is no better place to study the interplay of light and land than the exquisite high desert of Santa Fe. And with the inspiring light and landscapes of Northern New Mexico beckoning, rest assured this workshop is first and foremost about photographing. Marc takes participants to a wide variety of locations, where they concentrate on working with the light to make a great subject stand out. They will visit those locations multiple times to study the effects that different times of day—and different types of weather—have on subjects. Participants go to at least one chosen spots at night to take advantage of New Mexico’s clear, starry skies, using this special time to examine one of the more unusual aspects of high desert light. The classroom time is spent reviewing images and reinforcing learned techniques, such as how to utilize different types of light and effectively post-process those images, with a special emphasis on the night exposures. We practice pre-visualization and strengthen our compositional skills by learning how to read our images, breaking them down into regions to post-process different areas separately. Participants will also work in Adobe Lightroom and pick up some helpful Adobe Photoshop techniques."

Guided by Mark’s expertise on location, participants deeply examine the role of light in turning a good image into a truly outstanding image. There is college credit through Hastings College upon successful completion of this workshop. Cost: $1095. All skill levels welcome. Website


Autumn in Northern Utah is a wondrous time for photography. The Ogden Valley BA, in partnership with AdamBarkerPhotography is pleased to announce the 2012 Ogden Valley Fall Photography Workshop. This intensive weekend of outdoor and indoor sessions will help participants create those 5-star images of this gorgeous season. Utah’s own Adam Barker will conduct this workshop, sure to be the first of many in the beautiful Ogden Valley. Cost: $625. All skill levels welcome. September 21-23, 2012 Website


"In the past I’ve gotten calls from people who wanted to know what the hell they’d be getting themselves into if they were to take my class. Fair enough, but if you want to know exactly what the class will be, that’s impossible because it’s a free form living thing that also depends on what you bring to the group dynamic. We will be in my environment, my city, my building. There are no rules. You will be sent out on assignments to shoot people. There will be criticism of your work. You will be forced to look at my work (criticism of my work is optional). There will be demonstrations and endless talk designed to help you avoid the problems that plague you. You’ll be nagged into improving your images. There won’t be enough time to do all the shooting, editing, critiquing, talking, and looking at my work that you’ll want to do. You will be overwhelmed. We will all eat together at different New York City neighborhood restaurants and talk about photography.

"Everyone will be shooting digitally, but this course is not about using a computer to manipulate images. It’s about how to look for, see, and evaluate images. It is most certainly not about Photoshop, which we will not discuss. You will end up a better photographer, if not a better human being." Cost: $5000. All skill levels welcome.  October 15-19, 2012. Website

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS 2012 ICELAND (by Seth Resnick/John Paul Caponigro and D65 Workshops)

"Workshop participants will visit the big highlights of Iceland – explore geothermals, cross lava fields, traverse black sand deserts, walk under waterfalls, hike up glaciers, cruise glacial lagoons, sail to coastal islands and more! The workshop leaders, John Paul Caponigro and Seth Resnick, are two internationally renowned photographers with complementary fields of expertise, each with several years of experience leading adventures in Iceland. The guides, Einar Erlendsson and Ragnar Th Sigurdsson, are native Icelandic professional photographers who know the terrain and people like no one else. This is an amazing opportunity to see and hear how these very different photographers practice their world-class art in stunning locations while helping photographers refine their craft and vision. In one week, photographers learn more than you thought possible; exposure technique, composition, storytelling, style, digital asset management, keywording, raw processing, post processing, and so much more. You’ll receive guidance on site and reviews of your work offsite." Cost: $8845. All skill levels welcome.  August 24 - August 31, 2012. Website


"A magical first for Maine Media Workshop! Join acclaimed photographer, Peter Ralston, for an intimate ten days on the amazing French island of St. Pierre and aboard WANDERBIRD, the remarkable 90-foot expedition vessel awarded multiple kudos by National Geographic, as she explores the fabled southern coast of Newfoundland.

"This intimate photographic adventure will take photographers from beautiful St. Pierre to the small outport communities along the legendarily beautiful southern coastline of Newfoundland. Saint Pierre, once a thriving fishing outport of the French Empire, and a hotspot for prohibition rum-running, is today a fantastically picturesque bastion of Old World charm, culture and cuisine. Whales, puffins, seals and other wildlife are readily found in this remote region, but it is the maritime way of life, still intact albeit a vestige of former glory days, that provides the intensity and intimacy of "place” where we will be exploring. Peter is delighted to be able to share the excitement of discovery as well as his photographic expertise and counsel with up to twelve shipmates for ten days of splendid comfort, sumptuous meals and private cabins on WANDERBIRD." Cost: $5800. Workshop for Intermediate, Advanced, and Master photographers.  September 18-27, 2012 Website 


"Experience six truly beautiful days on the Mediterranean, exploring the coastal towns of the Northern Italian Riviera, led by photographers Drake Busath and special guest instructor Randy Collier. Photographers will headquarter in charming Camogli, a fishing village with lots to photograph and a terrific 4-star seaside hotel. Here, photographers rarely find English-speaking tourists, and participants will be immersed in local flavor. The photographers will visit the famous Cinque Terre, five colorful villages that cling to the cliffs, connected only by train and hiking trails. The group will visit the ideal port town of Portofino, one of the most photogenic harbors on earth, and boat to the quiet 12th century monastery of San Fruttuoso. Two instructors allow the help photographers of all levels will need.  Partners are welcome! They can join in the photography and all the day trips, or just enjoy the charming towns and the luxury hotels, with their private beaches and spas." Cost: $2650. All levels of photographers welcome. September 23-28, 2012 Website

SEASONS IN MAIN WITH NEAL PARENT: FALL (by Neal Parent and Maine Media Workshops)

"Captivate yourself in an outdoor adventure through the four seasons in the Midcoast. With the crisp air of autumn comes the chance to experience the quintessential fall season in Maine. Photographers will be amazed at the glorious colors on display across the area and by photographing with acclaimed photographer, Neal Parent. Students learn new techniques from a 35-year local veteran as you visit small villages, towns and local area favorites, creating new and exciting images. Through in-class instruction, field trips, and critiques. Students discover the ease of photographing while creating breathtaking images during the summer season. The split of field and lab work complement each other as creating new images, and properly processing them is the key to this workshop. Students should be comfortable with their camera in manual mode. Laptops are encouraged for image editing and processing."  Cost: $1050. Workshop for intermediate and advanced photographers. October 21 - 27, 2012 Website