FinePix S5 Pro Firmware Update v1.08

The new FinePix S5 Pro Firmware (camera control software) Ver. 1.08 update software will be released via World Wide Website on June 27, 2007 (Wednesday) at 2:00pm (Japan Standard Time). Please post no notices of this announcement until after that time.


Purpose of Firmware Update:

Nikon MB-D200 Multi-Power Battery Pack (introduced by Nikon) can be used with FinePix S5 Pro as one of the recommended accessories. But, when MB-D200 is used with S5 Pro, sometimes the camera may stop suddenly (e.g. freeze) due to the contact failure between FinePix S5 Pro and MB-D200.

Contact failures do not occurred regularly. However even with contact failures for just a short period the FinePix S5 Pro can become stop working or become frozen in some cases. For removing the trouble, new FinePix S5 Pro firmware is being provided.


This new firmware has been added from the factory-installed models since June 2007.

How to Identify Products with 1.08 Already Installed:

For models produced in June 2007, a small round green sticker label has been attached next to the sticker label of the serial number bar code on the box.

Models produced starting July 2007. The serial number will be changed for identifying “former version� models and newer models. Applied serial number will start from “73….�. e.g. serial number : 73******** and above. No green sticker will be attached. Starting with SN 73******* and above.

Please Note:

Even after applying the firmware update, there may be a small possibility which similar problems could still occur. In this case, please check the following:

1. For setting the MB-D200 with S5Pro, please fasten tightly by pressing the lower side of MB-D200.

2. The mounting screws of the MB-200 can become loose. Please fasten the screw tightly again.

3. Also, the contact failure can be happened due to the loose contact of MB-D200 itself. In that case, please contact with Nikon for service.