Firework Photograph Tutorial Roundup

The 4th of July is nigh upon us, and you know what that means—firework photos! Everyone tries to capture the independence day fireworks, but not everyone can do it well. So, here's a roundup of solid firework photo tutorials from around the web. We hope these inspire you to try out some new techniques with your camera this year! Don't settle for auto mode—try new things, plan ahead, and show the whole park up with the photos you capture.

The Big Boom: Photographing Fireworks

A treat from the pictureline archives! Our staff outlines some basic settings you can use to capture all of the American glory.

stevegreenwood Rodeo Fireworks – Oakley, Utah ©Steve Greenwood –

How to Photograph Fireworks (And How to Fake It)

Not only do they show you how to capture them, but they show you how to fake it with a composite if you couldn't quite get the perfect shot.

How to Photograph Fireworks in your Backyard

Not into the crowds? Take some sweet shots in your backyard with your own fireworks! Sparkler photos are always a good time.

A Creative Twist on Firework Photography

Photographer David Johnson puts a new twist on firework photography. Check out his photos and his method to get some inspiration to try something new!

Have fun out there! And have a safe and happy holiday. Be sure to share your firework photos over on our Facebook wall! We'd love to see them.

Firework photographyJuly 2013