Focus on Photographers: Fashion Photographer Aleksandra Dargiewicz

I was fortunate enough to discover my interest in photography when I was fifteen. Ever since then, I have worked towards defining my own style and sharing my vision and experiences with an international audience. I began by shooting beauty, glamour, and fashion photography and experimenting in my hometown Lapy in Poland.

I am influenced by past and present style. Whenever I shoot I like to create stories with a sense of narrative, whether this is in my personal work, commercial, or editorial projects. I am deeply inspired by elements of influential style—old masters in painting and photography and untouched beauty. All of my experiences in life thus far have been reflected through my imagery and continue to shape me personally and as an artist.

I believe that equipment is only a tool in the process of making great imagery. Photography requires a great eye and an understanding of what you want to achieve before technical skill is taken into account.

I currently use the Sony Alpha 77 because it has the flexibility I need in creating photography. I also use the 50mm 1.4, 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm 2.8 lenses.

In regards to lighting, I try and go natural as much as possible and reference back to the older masters with their own lighting skills. In the studio, I try and manipulate daylight by using soft lighting by using soft boxes and continuous lighting. On location, I rarely use accessories unless required on a job.

I try and work closely with my styling team and model. They know exactly what theme I am working towards on the day. and I am with them every step of the way on the styling process. A fashion shoot is a collaboration; we are all there to achieve the same goal. My advice would be to find a creative team that you enjoy working with and get familiar with your contacts Great agency and styling contacts are really going to bring your work to the next level.

Lastly, follow your heart. Don't ever think any dream is too big. Practice more. Practice whenever you can and believe in yourself. And don't do it for anyone else—just do it for yourself.


Aleksandra dargiewiczApril 2013Fashion photography