PEPPERLU floor mats are simple to use. They’re like a big mouse pad. They are durable, easy to clean, and they don't wrinkle. They also don't produce an unwanted light reflection that some vinyl backdrops or laminate floors have.  All of our mats can be washed in a washing machine on cold and laid out flat to dry. All of our mats make fabulous backdrop backgrounds as well. When you’re finished, simply roll them up.

About PepperLu: At PepperLu our goal is to provide the highest quality floors, props, and backgrounds on the planet. We are the sole manufacturer of all of our faux floor mats. Each of the images used for our mats are selected by professional photographers in various parts of the world. From our manufacturing plant across the seas to our corporate offices, every single employee has a passion for photography.

PepperLu Studio Floor Mats are available online only and ready to ship today. Order yours today.

January 2011