Joby Unveils Three Innovative New Camera Tripods

JOBY is pleased to announce the launch of three new portable tripods to extend the innovation of the massively popular GorillaPod product line: the GorillaPod Micro 250, GorillaPod Micro 800 and GorillaPod Hybrid. The three new products are designed to meet the needs of today’s digital camera consumer, whether an enthusiast who shoots on-the-go with a point-and-shoot camera or prosumer sporting the latest compact system camera.

"The JOBY brand has its heritage in photography – that creative passion is in our blood," explains chief executive officer Forrest Baringer-Jones. "Since the GorillaPod Original launched more than five years ago, we’ve made it our mission to inspire consumers with innovative camera accessories. We’re thrilled to strengthen our core family of GorillaPod flexible tripods with the new GorillaPod Hybrid designed specifically for popular compact system cameras and new GorillaPod Micro series, a pair of revolutionary, portable, always-on micro tripods. At $19.95 - $39.95, the products make perfect gifts for any type of photographer."

Gorillapod Micro250Gorillapod Micro800

Forever at your camera’s side, GorillaPod Micro is the indispensable companion for your point-and-shoot as the first always-on tripods that offer the stability, range of movement and versatility of full-size supports. Elegantly concealed beneath the base of the camera, the sleek form is convenient to carry and easily fits in any camera case or pocket. The aluminum and zinc alloy construction is engineered for dependable stability, quick deployment and precise ball positioning. Plus, the colorful rubber grips provide rock-solid footing on any surface. Now you can capture crisp low-light landscapes, join group portraits and record time-lapse party scenes, wherever your adventures take you.

The GorillaPod Micro series represents a revolution in camera positioning and stabilization on-the-go with sleek, always-on tripods that feature a machined aluminum positioning ball with up to 36° of movement in any direction. The GorillaPod Micro 250 supports point-and-shoot cameras weighing up to 250g (8.8 oz.), while the GorillaPod Micro 800 supports hybrid cameras weighing up to 800g (1.75 lbs.).

Gorillapod Hybrid

Designed for the rapidly growing segment of compact system cameras (CSC), the GorillaPod Hybrid supports cameras weighing up to 1kg (2.2 lbs.) and is the perfect versatile tripod for the demanding, active photographer. The flexible, wrappable legs provide rock-solid stabilization on any surface and integrated aluminum ball head (±90° tilt, 360° pan) enable precise positioning to capture professional-quality images without the size and weight of a traditional full-size tripod system. Whether you’re staging a last-second street portrait, shooting time-lapse photos or recording stable, shake-free video, GorillaPod Hybrid unleashes the power of your hybrid camera.

The $19.95 GorillaPod Micro 250 is available in grey, red, and blue. The GorillaPod Micro 800 retails for $29.95 in grey, while the GorillaPod Hybrid is available in grey and red for $39.95.

Source: Joby

October 2011