New Protocol "PTP/IP" for Image Data Transfer from a Digital Camera via wireless LAN -- Nikon's joint development with FotoNation, to be supported by Microsoft Corporation

Tokyo - Nikon Corporation (COO: Teruo Shimamura) is pleased to announce the implementation of PTP/IP (Picture Transfer Protocol over Internet Protocol) - developed by FotoNation Inc. - as a new computer interface for more convenient image data transfer from digital cameras. Based on the current ubiquitous PTP technology (ISO 15740), which up until now has been limited to the USB transmission, it enables communication between a digital camera and a PC via wireless LAN.

By implementing PTP/IP in coming products, Nikon is pioneering the way in wireless digital camera connectivity. Nikon is collaborating with FotoNation and Microsoft Corporation on commercialization and enhancement of this technology, whose further refinements for professional use will be released soon. The technology will be also applied to products for general consumers in the near future.

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September 2004