Nikon Cinema: A Celebration of HD-SLR Filmmaking

Nikon recently launched a new web portal incorporating Nikon's recent HD-video achievements using the D600, D800 and D4. The new site shows "Joy Ride" - a video featuring D800 and NIKKOR versatility and follows a man's mysterious nighttime ride through the streets of Chicago. Set against challenging lighting and laden with fast motion shots, the film boasts outstanding video quality in the most challenging situations.

You can also watch the short documentary-style film "Why" by acclaimed adventure photographer Corey Rich to experience how Corey used the Nikon D4 and a selection of NIKKOR lenses to explore what motivates world-class adventure athletes to push themselves to the limit.

Finally, Florian Schulz, the acclaimed nature and wildlife photographer and his brother Salomon, who specializes in filmmaking, created "Chasing the Light", a stunning short film showcasing the brother's adventure and the unwavering beauty of nature to highlight the amazing stills and video performance of the D600.

Be sure to check out the Nikon Cinema site to see how Nikon HD video is changing the way images and HD video are captured and used by todays top image makers.

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