Photographing Your Dog with a Lensbaby

Who doesn’t love a cute dog photo? We’ve got quite a collection of cute Lensbaby dog photos to make you smile and give you some ideas for your own photos. We challenge you to take out your Lensbaby this week and try to catch a sweet moment of your dog or someone else’s dog. Here are a few tips to remember when photographing dogs that move quickly.

1. Choose your aperture carefully. We recommend choosing f/5.6 or f/8 so you have a nice large spot of focus but still have a good amount of blur on the edges. If shooting with Spark, not to worry—you are already set at f/5.6.

2. Make sure your shutter speed does not fall below 1/100th of a second, as your subject will be moving too fast and you probably won’t be able to freeze the action at a slower shutter speed.

3. Increase your ISO if you’ve made all these settings and your photos are coming out too dark.

4. Secret weapon: treats and squeaky toys!

January 2013LensbabyPet photography