Staff Spotlight: Arrius Sorbonne

Our strapping team of bright-eyed employees here at pictureline are photography enthusiasts, just like you, and we want to share a little bit about each of them and their photography style. Today we’re hanging out with our video expert Arrius, who is a videographer and sales associate here at the store.

What do you do at pictureline?
I'm a video specialist here at pictureline. My whole job is about helping people achieve their vision for their short films, music videos, or commercials by helping them find the right cinema tools.

What do you shoot with?
Right now I'm switching off between a 5D MkIII, and a 7D. I shoot with Zeiss and Rokinon cine lenses. I use Redrock Micro Rigs and Manfrotto tripods, and for post production, I use Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve

What's your photography/video style/philosophy?
I try not to have a style. The reason I love filmmaking is that one day you can shoot in the style of Wes Anderson and the next day you can try to shoot like Terrence Malick. (Not really possible to shoot like Malick. He's unworldly.)

I braved two weeks in siberia in -15 degree weather to get this next shot...Nope I shot this at the Hogle Zoo. Pretty amazing what the Canon 400mm 2.8 with a 2x extender can do.

Shot these on the lip of a jump in Park City Resort with a Rokinon 14mm 3.1.

What's your favorite part about doing video?
I really think cinema is the incorporation of all the greatest mediums: Painting, Literature, Music. Like painting, it's all about light. The great cinematographers are painters of light. Filmaking is literature, cinema is also about storytelling. I think the great directors are much akin to the great authors that just wanted to convey the human experience. Music is just as important to a film as the image on the screen. The great scores of the screen are our modern symphonies.

If you could transport DaVinci, Monet, Dickens, or Mozart to our day, I really think they would be Filmakers. It's the incorporation of all art onto the canvas of the widescreen.

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