ASMP Food Styling Event With Suzy Eaton


Pictureline, along with the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and featured artist Suzy Eaton, collaborated to pull together a brilliant workshop on Saturday, May 2nd solely focused on building photogenic food presentation. ASMP is an organization long respected by Pictureline. They inspire professionalism and quality in our community.


Suzy Eaton is a Salt Lake City local and published author who has perfected the craft of food and product styling. On Saturday, May 2nd, she paid us a visit at Pictureline to show off her skills in our food-styling workshop. Eager, up-and-coming stylists and photographers gathered to learn the necessity of color and texture among their food placement to organize the ideal shot that will leave their consumers drooling over the final product.

Our event highlighted the less-is-more concept during food composition, yet still managed to grasp the beauty in a single scoop of ice cream. The final shot radiated "I need this now!" Suzy offered us the inside scoop on stimulating visual tricks, such as substituting glycerin for water and building with uncooked hamburger meat, leaving it easily malleable for the perfect photo. This hands-on event offered a burger building competition as an opportunity for all forty attendants to practice their hand at food styling and photography. The afternoon was a delicious success!


Burger Building Competition Winners!


June 2015

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