Celebrating the Winners of the 5th Annual Leica Women Foto Project Award

March 8th, 2024 – On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Leica Camera unveiled the four exceptional recipients of its 5th Annual Leica Women Foto Project Award. This year, under the theme "Perspective is Power," photographers were invited to submit compelling photo essays exploring the themes of reclamation, resilience, or rebirth. The selected winners, hailing from the US, UK, Mexico, and Canada, offer a diverse array of narratives that highlight the power of the feminine perspective in shaping our visual landscape.

Since its inception in 2019, the Leica Women Foto Project has served as a beacon for inclusivity and diversity in the world of photography. By providing grants, sponsorships, and platforms for emerging female photographers, Leica continues to champion the voices that often go unheard in mainstream media.

This year’s awardees—Adenike Sogbesan (AKA Dola Posh) from the UK, Stasia Schmidt from Canada, Luvia Lazo from Mexico, and Camille Farrah Lenain from the US—were carefully chosen by a panel of esteemed judges representing various facets of the photography world. Each winner will receive a Leica SL2-S camera, a Vario-Elmarit-SL 24-70mm f/2.8 ASPH. Lens, and a cash prize of $10,000 USD.

Empowering Through Visual Storytelling

The Leica Women Foto Project aims to empower and amplify the voices of women photographers, enriching our collective visual narrative. Through initiatives like grants, sponsorships, and collaborations with organizations such as Women Photograph, Photoville, Las Fotos Project, and the ConnectHer Film Festival, Leica is committed to fostering a more inclusive community within the realm of photography.

In addition to the award ceremony, this year’s programming includes a three-day festival at Artspace PS109 in New York City, in collaboration with Women Street Photographers. The festival will provide a platform for the awardees to showcase their work and engage with audiences, furthering the conversation around the importance of diverse perspectives in photography.

Meet the Winners

Camille Farrah Lenain (US): With a background in documentary and portrait photography, Lenain’s work challenges societal norms and explores themes of identity and representation. Her winning project, "Made of Smokeless Fire," sheds light on LGBTQIA+ representation within Muslim culture in France, offering a nuanced portrayal of an often misunderstood community.

Image by Camille Farrah Lenain

Adenike Sogbesan (UK): Known as Dola Posh, Sogbesan’s work delves into the complexities of self-identity and postpartum depression. Her series "OMO MI" captures the transformative journey of motherhood with sensitivity and depth, highlighting the resilience of Black women and mothers.

Image by Adenike Sogbesan 

Luvia Lazo (Mexico): A Zapotec indigenous photographer, Lazo’s work explores themes of identity, grief, and cultural heritage. Her project, "Women from the Clouds," celebrates the diverse experiences of contemporary indigenous women, offering a rich and nuanced perspective on womanhood.

Image by Luvia Lazo 

Stasia Schmidt (Canada): Schmidt’s fine art photography challenges traditional notions of femininity and explores the intersection of imagination and reality. Her project, "Ephemerality," examines the presence of women in traditionally male-dominated adventure realms, prompting viewers to reconsider their perceptions.

Image by Stasia Schmidt

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate the winners of the 5th Annual Leica Women Foto Project Award, we are reminded of the power of perspective in shaping our understanding of the world. Through their work, these talented photographers challenge stereotypes, amplify marginalized voices, and inspire us to see the world through a new lens.

To learn more about the Leica Women Foto Project Award and discover the work of this year’s winners, visit Leica-Camera.com and follow @leicacamerausa on Instagram.

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