My RØDE Reel: An International Short Film Competition

As a longstanding, high-end photography AND cinematography store, we’re pretty thrilled about the My RØDE Reel competition. This international short film competition is dishing out some serious swag for prizes—more than $70k in film gear. With three major prizes packs, plus category prizes, and a free t-shirt to every entrant, it’s time to get those cameras rolling. 

My RØDE Reel: How to Enter

My RØDE Reel: Video Equipment

To help you get that first take, the video nerds here at pictureline, alongside P-Dawg, the official My RØDE Reel prairie dog, have highlighted five RØDE products to get you on the RØDE (road, get it?) to winning big.

  • RØDE NTG-2 Microphone – This multi-powered condenser shotgun mic is specifically designed for professionals with its full frequency response, low noise, and audio transparency. Low weight makes it an ideal boom microphone, as well as the perfect video addition for your professional-grade film productions.
  • RØDE Boompole – Boompoles are to microphones what tripods are to cameras: you just need one. Lightweight aluminum and an easy swivel mechanism make the RØDE Professional Boompole an essential.
  • RØDE VideoMic GO – Working with a small camcorders or HDSLR? At only 2.5 ounces, the RØDE VideoMic GO will keep your camera setup light and easy to handle.
  • RØDE Blimp – The RØDE Blimp Wind Shield and Shock Mount System acts as a noise buffer for any shotgun microphone up to 325mm in length, mainly the RØDE NTG 1-3 microphones. Slip it on your mic, attach it to your RØDE boompole, and be on your way.
  • RØDE smartLav Microphone – This omni-directional microphone picks up sound equally from all directions while minimizing wind noise and vocal plosives. It’s portable, affordable, and wearable; not to mention works in conjunction with iPhone and iPad via the RØDE Rec app. At $60, it’s just what you need to help you win the big money.

Explore the hashtag #MYRODEREEL and visit the My RØDE Reel site for more tips and info on the short film competition. P-Dawg and the pictureline crew wish you the best of luck!

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