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This week we are thrilled to spotlight Becca Dahl, an acclaimed wedding and elopement photographer based in Utah. Becca specializes in photographing couples, weddings, and elopements across stunning locations such as Moab, Zion, and the iconic Salt Flats.

Her exceptional work transcends boundaries, providing unforgettable memories for her clients. As the owner of @saltgowns Dress Rentals, Becca offers a complete experience, ensuring every detail is perfect for your special day. We decided to get an inside look at Becca's photography journey, so let's begin!

1. Can you tell us about how you first got started in photography? What drew you to focus on wedding and elopement photography specifically?

I grew up in Utah, where my love for photography developed from spending countless hours hiking, camping, boating, horseback riding, and enjoying the state’s natural beauty with my family. Capturing these moments through my lens became a passion.

My journey into photography began with photographing my horses. I got my first horse, Blaze, a chestnut quarter horse, when I was nine. Blaze was my best friend, and we spent every day after school together riding and exploring. Fast forward to my 20s, I had envisioned for years doing a skeleton Halloween-themed photo shoot at the Salt Flats. When I got my another horse, a sibling to one of my dark-colored horses, their similar coloring made them ideal to transform into skeleton horses. The shoot went viral on TikTok, connecting me with clients from all over the U.S.

In my early career, I fell in love with photographing elopements, especially in Utah’s beautiful locations like the Salt Flats, Moab, and Zion. Photographing an elopement at the Salt Flats was so otherworldly and magical. It’s one of the most epic landscapes out there. I knew then that wedding and elopement photography in these incredible locations was my calling. Capturing love against Utah’s breathtaking landscapes makes every moment special and unforgettable.

2: What advice would you give couples planning an elopement in Utah or beyond to ensure their special day is beautifully captured and unforgettable?

Firstly, find a photographer whose work you truly love. Look for someone whose photos resonate with you and evoke the emotions you want to remember from your day. Connecting with their style and vision is essential, as they’ll be capturing your most cherished moments.

Remember, this is your day. Make your wedding or elopement about the two of you, without feeling pressured by others’ expectations. Focus on what makes your relationship unique and special. Incorporate elements that reflect your personalities and shared traditions to make your day meaningful and memorable.

Plan ahead, but don’t burden yourself with too many responsibilities on the actual day. Organize all details in advance so you can be fully present. For larger weddings, consider hiring a planner to handle logistics, allowing you to enjoy every moment.

Embrace the simplicity and flexibility of elopements. Choose a stunning location and let the natural beauty enhance your experience. Whether a full-day or multi-day elopement, savor every moment and immerse yourselves in the experience.

Lastly, be present. Enjoy the moments, emotions, and surroundings. By focusing on each other and the love you share, your special day will be beautifully captured and unforgettable.

3: As the owner of Salt Gown Dress Rental, how do you integrate your dress rental service in your photography sessions?

Salt Gowns was born from photographing clients at the Salt Flats. Many of my clients travel from out of state for their couple sessions, engagements, bridals, save-the-dates, and elopements. Traveling with big dresses can be challenging, and they might not want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a dress they’ll use once. To address this, I started a client closet, which eventually grew into SaltGowns, a dress rental service that ships nationwide for photo shoots.

Salt Gowns adds a unique and magical touch to my photography sessions, elevating my clients’ photos. It makes their images stand out, creating a moment that makes viewers stop, gasp, and appreciate the beauty.

For elopements, couples often do a dress change during their half-day or full-day sessions, providing another look in addition to their wedding dress. They love the pop of color and different styles, which make their elopement gallery even more diverse and beautiful.

Check out Salt Gowns @saltgowns or

4: What steps do you take in planning and preparing for wedding or elopement shoots to ensure everything goes smoothly and you capture the perfect moments?

When clients book with me, we start with a video call to understand their vision and create a detailed timeline. This timeline is crucial to ensure we capture all the important moments with beautiful lighting. I also provide vendor and travel recommendations, especially for those interested in the Salt Flats. For out-of-state clients, I offer a comprehensive guide on traveling to Salt Lake City and the Salt Flats, ensuring they are well-prepared.

To ensure a smooth elopement or wedding day, I send a detailed questionnaire to understand their preferences, timelines, and specific needs. Communication is key—knowing what’s most important to the couple allows me to plan effectively. Whether it’s focusing on beautiful photos with perfect lighting and stunning locations or capturing candid moments, understanding their priorities helps me deliver the best experience.

I also discuss with clients the option of having a second shooter. Having two photographers can provide multiple angles and a more seamless coverage of key moments, making the overall experience smoother and more comprehensive.

On the day of the shoot, I bring plenty of water and protein snacks to keep everyone hydrated and energized, especially for longer sessions. My goal is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience, ensuring that every moment of the special day is beautifully captured.

Overall, my experience and communication with the couple are essential. I guide them through every step, helping with planning, locations, and timelines, so they can focus on enjoying their day while I handle the details to make it unforgettable.

5: What makes shooting in the Salt Flats unique, and how do you leverage this distinctive environment to create stunning wedding and elopement photos?

The Salt Flats hold a special place in my heart as it’s where I truly fell in love with photographing elopements and weddings. Over the past seven years, I’ve spent countless hours there, often going multiple times a week or month. It feels like my second home, earning me the nickname “Queen of the Salt Flats.” This unique landscape is more than just a backdrop - it’s a dynamic environment that constantly offers new and exciting opportunities for stunning photos.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Salt Flats is its ever-changing nature. The conditions vary with the seasons, offering a diverse range of looks from the wet, reflective surface to dry, textured salt. This variability ensures that every visit brings something different, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. The constantly shifting light, sky, and wind add personality to each photo, making every session unique.

The Salt Flats natural palette is another feature that makes it ideal for wedding and elopement photography. The stark white salt contrasts beautifully with any color, making subjects stand out vividly. The sunsets are particularly magical, with the nearby mountains creating an epic and otherworldly backdrop that makes every moment feel surreal.

With extensive experience at the Salt Flats, I’ve learned about its ever-changing conditions, especially with the wind, time of year, and other subtle factors. These tips and insights help my clients be well-prepared for their elopement, wedding, or session, ensuring they understand the variability and uniqueness of the location.

Shooting at the Salt Flats is an unforgettable experience. Its unique environment provides a breathtaking setting that elevates every photo session, making it a favorite among my out-of-state clients who travel long distances to capture their special moments here. The combination of natural beauty, ever-changing conditions, and the sense of adventure it offers makes the Salt Flats one of my absolute favorite locations for elopement photography.

Thank you, Becca, for sharing your inspiring story and giving us a glimpse into your world of capturing timeless moments. Your dedication to preserving the beauty and emotion of weddings and elopements is truly remarkable. We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing more of your incredible work. See more of Becca's work on her website or instagram @beccaphoto

Get to Know Becca: 

Utah Elopement Photographer Becca Dahl is an Utah-based elopement photographer with seven years of experience. Inspired by Utah’s diverse landscapes, she specializes in timeless, elegant, true-to-tone documentary-style photography. Becca’s work captures candid moments and editorial elements, creating lasting memories and photos for couples in stunning locations like the Salt Flats, Moab, and Zion. Becca takes pride in beautifully capturing every couple’s special day, making it unforgettable. She also owns @saltgowns Dress Rentals, providing a seamless, comprehensive experience for her clients. Every image she captures tells a story of her devotion to her work and her clients.

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