Nathan Balli Mountain Dew Green Label Studios Winner

Nathan Balli, a Salt Lake City videographer and one of our very own customers here at pictureline, has won the Mountain Dew Green Label Studios Open Call competition and $250,000 with his locally filmed video submission.

After submitting his portfolio for the competition back in March, Nathan was selected to advance to the second round where he was required to create a video for the Mountain Dew Green Label Studio.  With only 10 days to create the video, Nathan quickly worked with several friends, along with his wife, Ellesse to finish the video in time for the contest cut-off.

His video "Authenticity is Everything" aimed to showcase the diversity of Utah by using music from local talent Better Taste Bureau, cyclists from Salt City Builds with their impressive motorcycle stunts, and Wake Utah athletes Wakeboarding beneath the I-15 spaghetti bowl at the I-80 Interchange.  Nathan shot video of all types of activities that contribute to making Utah such a unique and exciting place, all of which are things that are very special to him, his family and friends.

Nathan's submission was selected, along with nine other finalists, and had the opportunity to fly to New York City to attend the Green Label Studios Film Festival where contestants could meet and view the finalists submissions.  Nathan was announced the winner, and received $250,000.


"I'm just thrilled. I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity and I feel really blessed.  Thank you for this opportunity," Nathan said after winning the award.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 4.14.45 PM

As well as winning $250,000 from the Green Label Studios to create an additional six web videos for Mountain Dew, Nathan continues to create work for big-name companies, such as Under Armor and North Face to develop unique and authentic videos. If you're interested in learning more about Nathan and his work, you can check out his website, as well as some beautiful work he's posted to his Instagram site!Nathan Balli Mountain Dew Green Label Studios Winner

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Check out Nathan's incredible, award-winning video here

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