Take Aim this Valentine’s Day—Through a Lens

Valentine’s Day has its origins in a rather naughty Pagan festival, which was later replaced with a “cleaner” celebration, and the story of St. Valentine was born. Some say he was a priest who lived during the third century in Rome and performed marriage ceremonies in secret after the emperor decreed them illegal in favor of recruiting young men to serve as soldiers. Others say he attempted to help prisoners escape harsh conditions in Roman prisons. Whoever he was, we have him to thank for our modern-day Valentine’s celebration of love every February 14.

This time of year holds a particularly special place in our hearts here at pictureline—we opened our doors 31 years ago on February 15—so naturally, we tend to get a little nostalgic. And maybe we even lecture a little about the magic of memories and the important part that photographs play in our everyday lives. Now bear with us as we reminisce down memory lane and bask in the amazing moments we captured along the way. We’re glad we’ve got them! 

ALT_TEXTPictureline Store, March 23, 1998
ALT_TEXTBehind the Counter, July 13, 2000
ALT_TEXT Film Fridge, July 13, 2000
ALT_TEXTWarehouse, July 13, 2000
ALT_TEXTThe Studio, July 13, 2000
ALT_TEXTRental Room, July 13, 2000
ALT_TEXTThe Basement, July 13, 2000

So, this Valentine’s Day, we propose that you shoot the ones you love—not with Cupid’s bow and arrow, but with a camera. Re-create that first date with your spouse and be sure to get a picture this time! Or take your camera out with you and your friends for a night on the town. Capture your kids being especially cute, snap some pics of your parents or your pets, or get your BFF on film.

Whatever you do, don’t underestimate the power of a photo, and the part that it will play in your personal history. We’d like to thank our loyal customers for the love they’ve shown us over the past 31 years, and we’re looking forward to making many more memories with all of you.

ALT_TEXT Pictureline Staff, 2020
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David Gaunt

David Gaunt

You all are simply the best … end of discussion!

Les Spencer

Les Spencer

learned a lot in the basement classes back in the day

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