Why You May Need a Breakthrough Photography Filter

Chances are you've heard of these Breakthrough Photography filters, that started off their business with a bang by running a very successful Kickstarter campaign. But, have you had a chance to try them, or don't know if they're worth it? We've rounded up a few reviews from some of the most popular photography blogs on how these Breakthrough Photography filters perform. They claim to be the "World’s sharpest and most color neutral ND filter. Guaranteed." But do the reviews support their claim?

"Based on my experience with other, more budget oriented filters, I can say without a doubt that this filter is worth the premium over those cheaper filters. I was very happy with the performance, and the design of the filter makes this a great option for anyone looking for better results than their budget filter can give them. The Breakthrough Photography X3 6-Stop ND Filter gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars, and we highly recommend it." -- Anthony Thurston, SLRLounge Review here.

Breakthrough Photography 6-stop ND filter, 30 Seconds, F/16, ISO 200 on Sony A7 II with Zeiss 24-70mm

"The X3 ND filters from Breakthrough Photography have been so far the best performing ND filters I have come across. I don’t think you will find a better ND filter for the price or a company more committed to the photographer’s experience. You won’t be disappointed with the X3 ND." -- Adam Welch, Contrastly.com review here.

Breakthrough Photography 3-stop X3 ND filter

"The Breakthrough Photography X4 6 Stop 52mm ND Filter is awesome. It’s well built, easy to use, and it fits easily into any bag. There’s very, very minimal colour casting and it’s extremely sharp. After researching thoroughly, I have not found a better filter. The knurled edges are nice and if your hands are cold, it’s easy to screw onto the lens. It feels well constructed." -- Photochirp.com, here.

"The X3 UV filter is a more superior version of it’s little brother, the X1 UV. The X1 UV compared to the X3 UV is like comparing Apples to Oranges and It’s build and image clarity is far more superior to that of the X1 UV. With a smooth brass notched ring, it feels smooth and secure as you attach this to any of your camera lenses. Pristine is one word to describe the X3 UV filter, it delivers stunning photos that wouldn’t be possible without it’s 16 layer coating. A recommended buy for individuals who would like to protect the front element of their lenses." -- Mark Lieu, here.

Here are a few comparisons of the Breakthrough Photography filters vs. other brands.

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After reading some of these reviews and seeing the comparisons between other brands, we want to know - what do you think? Are these filters worth trying out? After astounding reviews all across the board, pictureline brought Breakthrough Photography filters into our inventory because of the high demand and buzz they've created. If you are impressed by them, order yours (UV, Neutral Density, or Polarizer) today here.

Have you tried them? Or look forward to trying them? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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