Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme vs ATEM Mini Pro

The Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO basically take all the features of the Pro and Pro ISO and double down on their features, while adding a few more quality of life improvements so that true professional streamers have all the tools necessary to break open their production into new heights.

Blackmagic ATEM mini extreme vs atem mini pro

What the ATEM Mini Extreme adds over the ATEM Mini Pro:

  • Four more HDMI inputs, so now you can switch between eight different camera/video sources at the same time.
  • It adds a second HDMI output for more on location presentation options, or secondary monitoring.
  • A second USB-C port allows for direct broadcast recording to an external hard-drive and simultaneous software control via the computer. You can also use one of these USB ports to connect iPhones and Android devices to provide mobile data like the ATEM Mini Pro, making these switchers the ultimate on location streaming aid.
  • There's also a direct headphone connection so you can use the audio switch board option in the ATEM software to more closely monitor the two included mic inputs.

back comparison of atem mini pro verses atem mini extreme

  • The Extreme also adds three more chroma Keyers so up to four separate cameras can have their own virtual green screen sets.
  • The improved DVE processor allows up to six picture in picture DVEs (Digital Video Effects), two independent DVEs and four extra SuperSource DVE layers plus a background that can all be stacked and customized as additional input sources. SuperSource allows for perfect picture in picture interviews or competition cams with multiple people on screen and still using DVEs for other effects and transitions.
  • The media players on the ATEM Mini Pro act as separate internal video source so content creators can upload graphics, transitions, and titles. The Extreme models have added a second media player to give more customization options for the graphic layers you want to add to your production at the same time.
  • Multiview with up to 16 views so you can preview shots, monitor which camera is live, and how effects/virtual sets look before going live with that view.

The ATEM Mini Extreme ISO adds all the same features as the Extreme model, but also records all eight clean HDMI inputs as high-quality H.264 video streams, as well as the program/broadcast video. It also saves a DaVinci Resolve project file to recreate and quickly reedit the broadcast later.

Atem mini extremeAtem mini extreme isoAtem mini extreme super sourceAtem mini proBlackmagicLive switcher




Con el atem mini pro solo podrás proyectar dos pantallas simultáneamente, con el modelo extreme podrás llegar a 7 (fondo) 4 en de supersource y 2 de dve. Para manejar esto te aconsejo utilizar las macros.



How many Pictures added to one Picture can the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Extreme do? I would like as many as 4 cameras shown in a Video at one time.

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