Holiday Instax Special – A Guide to Instant Film


Instant film captures a lifelong memento of heartfelt interactions, and important occasions. This classic art form is far from dead; in fact, it's making a comeback in a big way!

This year, Fujifilm has partnered with pictureline to get instant film back into the culture of our community. Every week this December, we are hosting an Instax holiday photo booth in our store, and offering free film with every Instax Mini camera purchased. You also have the opportunity to win an Instax Mini camera as part of our Wishes Captured Contest!

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Which Fujifilm Instax instant film camera is right for you?

Mini 8 –fuji_1_instax8_pink_1_grande

Colors: Yellow, Raspberry, Pink, White, Grape, Blue

  • Fixed 1/60th shutter speed to avoid blurry photos
  • Manual mode selection for light control in different scenes
  • Uses standard AA batteries
  • Automatic Flash

Mini 25 –fuji_1_instax25_main_1024x1024

Colors: White

  • Smaller than the mini 8
  • Mirror on front to easily compose self portraits
  • Displays which mode you are shooting in and how many pieces of film are remaining
  • Two focus ranges for sharp images close up, or far away
  • Two shutter buttons for comfortable shooting vertical or horizontal
  • Completely automatic exposure adjustments for perfect photos every time

Mini 70 ($40 OFF!)–screen_shot_2016-12-02_at_11-49-42_am_grande

Colors: Island Blue, Passion Red, Stardust Gold, Canary Yellow, Midnight Black, Moon White

  • Self-timer and continuous shooting
  • Automatic exposures with a smart flash that calculates required light to fill the scene
  • Mirror on front to easily compose self portraits
  • Hi-key mode for smooth skin tones
  • Two focus ranges for sharp images close up, or far away

Mini 90 Neo-Classic –screen_shot_2015-12-11_at_11-38-22_am_grande

Colors: Black (& Silver), Brown (& Silver)

  • Stylish, classic Fujifilm design
  • Flash Control (on or off) for different styles
  • Double Exposure, Landscape, Macro, Low Light, Party and Bulb modes for artistic shots
  • Can focus 11.8" away
  • Tripod Socket
  • Self-timer and continuous shooting
  • Rechargeable battery

Instax Wide 300 –164457783_grande

Colors: Black (& Silver)

  • Uses Instax wide film, which is twice as wide (4.25" x 3.4") as the Mini film (2.13" x 3.4")
  • Wider film captures a wider landscape, and fits more friends in the photo!
  • Two focus ranges for sharp images close up, or far away
  • Tripod Socket
  • Uses standard AA batteries

SP-2 Smartphone Printer (NEW!) –sp-2_s_04_print_grande

Colors: Silver

  • Print the images you already love wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Uses Instax Mini Film
  • Image quality improved from the previous SP-1 model (800 x 300 dots @ 320DPI vs. 640 x 480 dots @ 254 DPI)
December 2016

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