Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass Optic

The design of the Composer Pro coupled with the selective focus Double Glass Optic makes it intuitive for photographers to realize and capture their own personal creative vision. It provides photographers with precise control over their composition.


The Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Glass Optic's metal swivel ball design and ultra-smooth manual focusing ring delivers steady, fluid control over the focus and tilt making it the perfect choice for photographers looking to create ground breaking creative imagery. The tension ring around the base ensures the lens stays where you place it. Loosen the ring to allow it to move more freely or tighten it to lock the lens in place and ensure repeatable results.


The Double Glass Optic is a 50mm, f/2 selective focus optic. Simply bend the lens to move your sweet spot of focus around the fame highlighting the subject of your image while gradually blurring out the rest of the frame. By placing your subject within the sweet spot of focus you guide the viewer’s eye where you want it while minimizing other potentially distracting elements. The Double Glass Optic uses a set of magnetic aperture disks that are dropped into the front of the optic to change not only your depth of field but also the size of your sweet spot of focus.


The Composer Pro with Double Glass Optic is part of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System giving you access to the other 7 optics and various accessories that are part of the system. Simply remove the Double Glass Optic from the Composer Pro and insert one of the other Optic Swap optics to change the effect and/or focal length of the lens.


With its 50mm focal length, the Double Glass Optic is perfect for creating inspiring street photography, adding extra motion to action or sports photography or just capturing your everyday life in a creative and unique way.  Add on the Macro Converters to capture one-of-a-kind macro shots or drop in a creative aperture to turn your bokeh into fun shapes or add texture to your photos in-camera.


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