Nikon Announces Two New Powerhouse Cameras—the Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II

After two years, Nikon has announced two new versions of its original full-frame mirrorless cameras—the Z6 II and Z7 II. So what's the difference between the original and the Mark II? Let's find out!

Nikon Z6 Mark II

The Nikon Z6 Mark II borrows from many of the same features of the previous generation including the same sensor, IBIS, LCD screen and high res Electronic Viewfinder. The first major physical difference is that the Z6 Mark II has dual card slots with CFexpress Type B/XQD and UHS-II SD card compatibility. Nikon claims this was a result of them listening to the feedback from customers.

Girl using Nikon Z6 Mark II

The next major upgrade occurred under the hood as Nikon added a second Expeed 6 processor to the Z6 Mark II. These dual processors will provide more power, speed and 3x the buffer capacity. The added brain power will reportedly boost the 2nd Gen Z6's focus speed, accuracy, and low-light focus acquisition by 50%!

The continuous shooting rate has increased from 12FPS to 14FPS. Eye AF is now available in video mode and it will also be capable of 4K 60p after a free firmware update available in February 2021. Another huge upgrade is the ability to charge via USB-C while the camera is in use. Previously it was only possible to charge via USB-C while the camera was off. Firmware updating is now available via the Snapbridge app. Users no longer have to put a memory card in a computer, making it easier to update your cameras on the go. 

The MBN-11 Battery Grip

Finally Nikon is adding a functional grip and battery pack—the MBN-11. This new battery grip has the ability to be changed while still in use or use the USB-C port for tethering or other software pursoses. Users can remove the grip while one battery is still in and hot swap out the second battery. 

The Nikon Z6 Mark II will be available in November 2020 for $1,999.95 body-only.  The same price as what the Z6 came out at originally. The MBN-11 Grip is also available in November 2020 for $399.95.

Nikon Z7 Mark II

Like the Z6 Mark II, the Nikon Z7 Mark II is the same body as the previous Z7 and has the same 45.7MP sensor. It also will come with dual card slots using the CFexpess Type B/XQD and UHS-II SD memory cards and the same dual Expeed 6 processors with 3.3x the buffer capacity. The ISO range hasn't changed at 64-25,600 and the 493-point autofocus system remains the same as well. 

Man using nikon Z7 Mark II taking photos of neon sign

Users can now shoot up to 10FPS compared to 9FPS in the Z7. It has the 50 percent upgraded focusing in low-light capability and the ability to power via USB-C while in use. It also is compatible with the new MBN-11 Battery Grip. 

The Z7 Mark II will be available in December 2020 for $2,999.95 which is cheaper then what the Z7 was initially priced at. 

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