Nikon D810: Upping the Ante on DSLR Cameras

Since the release of the original D800 in early 2012, then soon after the D800E, Nikon DSLR’s set the standard in high quality imagery in terms of pixel count, impressive dynamic range, versatile AF points and advanced features for both still and video shooting.  With the release of the D810, Nikon is improving on an already impressive design, furthering the whispers that Nikon is the leader in DSLR manufacturing.


So the question is how Nikon could develop the D810 further than its innovative predecessor. Compared to the D800, the D810 has really pushed the limits in DSLR manufacturing.  Maintaining several of the features of the two earlier models, the D810 sports the almost identical ergonomic features in size, weight and construction, as well as some internal similarities with the 36.3MP resolution, 51 focusing points, and viewfinder optics.

Instead of creating a brand-new groundbreaking model, Nikon has taken its advanced DSLR and introduced a small batch of improvements making it a simple upgrade, but a large upgrade none-the-less. The main differences from the D800/E and D810 will be what make the most visual impact in your photographs and videos.  Integrating the EXPEED 4 image processor allows for lower image noise, faster processing speed and an increased ISO sensitivity range.  With the EXPEED 4, the D810 gains the capability to record full HD 1080p at 60fps, including uncompressed 4:2:2 8-bit 60p videos.  For many, the sRAW file support is a large advantage, in having the ability to scale down on high megapixels while still yielding clean RAW images, even at high ISO levels. In terms of specs, the most exciting aspect of this camera comes in the form of lacking a low-pass filter.  By creating a camera without a low-pass filter, images will be extremely sharp, as opposed to cameras with the filter that improves the color, but blurs the image.  Not only will you have clean images that can be printed on a large scale, detail will no doubt be in focus, and extremely sharp.

With the improvements made to the original D800 model, the Nikon D810 sets a new standard of quality that photographers, videographers and artists will expect from every camera from here on out.

*With the launch of the D810, Nikon is running a Switch & Save promotion in with the purchase of the D810 camera body. 



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