Profoto Air Remote Compatibility with 2016 Camera Bodies


On June 27, Profoto released new upgrades on My Profoto for Air Remote TTL-C (version B7), Air Remote TTL-N (version B5) and an update of the PC upgrade application for the B2.

Registered customers of Air Remote TTL-C and Air Remote TTL-N will be notified via a newsletter.

What has been fixed?

Air Remote TTL-C (B7)

Includes a fix for a bug that has been causing spontaneous full power flashes in TTL mode. In addition, we have tested the new upgrade with Canon's latest camera models with mixed results.

• Canon 1Dx MkII – Not passed (Overexposure in TTL mode)

• Canon 80D – Passed with remark (HSS & TTL combined do not work)

Profoto will continue to pursue compatibility with Canon 1Dx MkII, with the goal of releasing a fix in August.

Air Remote TTL-N (B5)

Profoto has tested the latest firmware for Air Remote TTL-N (version B5) with the new Nikon camera models D5 and D500.

• Nikon D5 – Passed tests with one remark noted on HSS at wide aperture. Just like other fast cameras, the D5 will also be notably slower in-continuous shooting when used with the remote. In manual mode, it slows down to around 9 frames/sec and in TTL mode to around 6 frames/sec.

• Nikon D500 – Does not work with the current firmware. The remote jams the camera completely, and the batteries need to be removed to restart the camera. We are working on solving all Nikon issues as soon as possible.

PC upgrade application for the Profoto B2

We have updated the PC upgrade application for the B2 following reports that customers face problems upgrading on Windows 10. This problem is now fixed.

July 2016

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