DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter w/2.7K Camera & 3-Axis Gimbal

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Sony EXMOR Sensor
ISO Range
2.7k Video
25 minutes
Max Flight Time
16 m/s
Max Speed

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Discover Flight:
Safe, easy, and fun to fly, the Phantom 3 Standard Makes it possible for everyone to reach for the sky. With an intuitive flight system, built-in camera, live HD view, and more, the Phantom 3 Standard gives you everything you need to fly. 

Automatic Flight Assistant:
Fly with absolute freedom and confidence, knowing your Phantom 3 standard will return to you at the press of a button.  Build-in GPS records your Phantom's takeoff point and remembers it as you fly. Then at your command, of if the control signal is ever lost, your Phantom comes back to you instantly.   

The Camera:
The Phantom 3 Standard gives you an all new perspective of sports, parties, and family events with a built-in camera that captures sharp, vivid 2.7K video and 12mp photos.   

Ultimate Control:
Full control is in your hands with a remote controller built specifically for the Phantom 3 Standard.  With a built-in rechargeable battery, a clamp to hold your mobile device and a range extender for up to .62 mile range, this powerful remote makes flying easy and fun.  

More Flying, More Fun:
Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge.  The patented DJI Intelligent Flight Battery continuously tells you exactly how long you can continue flying, based on how far and at what altitude you are, and it alerts you when it's time to head back.

  • Easy to Fly: An intelligent flight system automatically keeps your Phantom 3 Standard in the air and under your control.
  • Amazing Images: Take stunning 2.7K HD videos and 12 Megapixel photos with the integrated aerial camera.
  • Stable Footage: DJI’s advanced gimbal stabilization technology gives you movie-quality results no matter how you fly.
  • Enjoy the View: A live video feed gives you a 720p HD real-time view of what your camera sees right on your mobile device.
  • Peace of Mind: Fly up to 25 minutes on a single charge, and the Intelligent Flight Battery will automatically remind you when power is running low.