DJI Mavic 3 Classic with DJI RC Remote Controller

DJISKU: CP.MA.00000554.01

Sale price$1,399.00

  • Hasselblad Natural Color Solution
  • 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • Night Mode for Video Recording
  • Advanced RTH
  • 15km HD Video Transmission
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Aircraft Performance
Maximum Horizontal Speed47 mph / 21 m/s
Maximum Ascent Speed17.9 mph / 8 m/s (S mode)
13.42 mph / 6 m/s (N mode)
2.24 mph / 1 m/s (C mode)
Maximum Descent Speed13.42 mph / 6 m/s (S mode)
13.42 mph / 6 m/s (N mode)
2.24 mph / 1 m/s (C mode)
Flight Ceiling3.73 Miles / 6000 m
Maximum Flight Time (no wind)46 Minutes
Maximum Hover Time (no wind)40 Minutes
Max Flight Distance (no wind)18.64 mi / 30 km
Maximum Tilt Angle25° (C mode)
30° (N mode)
35° (S mode)
Hovering AccuracyVertical:
± 0.1 m (with vision positioning)
± 0.5 m (with GNSS positioning)
± 0.3 m (with vision positioning)
± 0.5 m (with High-Precision Positioning System)
Max Wind Speed Resistance26.84 mph / 12 m/s
Hasselblad Camera
Sensor4/3 CMOS
Effective Pixels20 MP
LensFOV: 84°
Format Equivalent: 24mm
Aperture: f/2.8 to f/11
Focus: 1 m to ∞ (with autofocus)
ISO RangeVideo: 100-6400
Still Image: 100-6400
Max Image SizeMain Unit: 5280×3956
Still Photography ModesSingle shot: 20MP Photos
Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB): 20 MP, 3/5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV
Timed: 20 MP, 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
Video ResolutionH.264/H.265
5.1K: 5120×2700@24/25/30/48/50fps
DCI 4K: 4096×2160@24/25/30/48/50/60/120*fps
4K: 3840×2160@24/25/30/48/50/60/120*fps
FHD: 1920×1080p@24/25/30/48/50/60/120*/200*fps
* Framerates above are recording framerates. Videos will be played as slow-motion videos.
Max Video Bitrate H.264/H.265 Bitrate: 200 Mbps
Supported File Formats exFAT
Photo FormatJPEG, DNG (RAW)
Video FormatsMP4/MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265)
Color ModeNormal/HLG/D-Log
Flight Control System
GNSS SupportGPS + Galileo + BeiDou
Stabilization3-Axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Mechanical RangeTilt: -135 to 100°
Roll: -45 to 45°
Pan: -27 to 27°
Controllable RangeTilt: -90° to 35°
Pan: -5° to 5°
Max Controllable Speed (tilt)Tilt: 100°/s
Angular Vibration Range±0.007°
Sensing System
Sensing SystemOmnidirectional binocular vision system, supplemented with an infrared sensor at the bottom of the aircraft
ForwardMeasurement Range: 0.5-20 m
Detection Range: 0.5-200 m
Effective Sensing Speed: Flight Speed ≤ 15m/s
FOV: Horizontal 90°, Vertical 103°
BackwardMeasurement Range: 0.5-16 m
Effective Sensing Speed: Flight Speed ≤ 14m/s
FOV: Horizontal 90°, Vertical 103°
LateralMeasurement Range: 0.5-25 m
Effective Sensing Speed: Flight Speed ≤ 15m/s
FOV: Horizontal 90°, Vertical 85°
UpwardMeasurement Range: 0.2-10 m
Effective Sensing Speed: Flight Speed ≤ 6m/s
FOV: Front and Back 100°, Left and Right 90°
DownwardMeasurement Range: 0.3-18 m
Effective Sensing Speed: Flight Speed ≤ 6m/s
FOV: Front and Back 130°, Left and Right 160°
Operating EnvironmentForward, Backward, Left, Right, and Upward: Surface with a clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux>15)
Downward: Surface with a clear pattern and adequate lighting (lux >15). Diffuse reflective surface with diffuse reflectivity>20% (e.g. wall, tree, person)
Downward Auxiliary Light2 LEDs
Video Transmission
Video Transmission SystemO3+
Live View QualityRemote Controller: 1080p@30fps/1080p@60fps
Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz
5.725-5.850 GHz
Max Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference and aligned with controller)2.400-2.4835 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz
FCC: 15 km
CE: 12 km
SRRC: 8 km
MIC: 8 km
Max Download BitrateSDR:
5.5MB/s (with RC-N1 remote controller)
15MB/s (with DJI RC Pro remote controller)
Wi-Fi 6:
Latency (depending on environmental conditions and mobile device)130 ms (with RC-N1 remote controller)
120 ms (with DJI RC Pro remote controller)
Antennas4 antennas, 2T4R
Transmitter Power (EIRP)2.4 GHz: ≤33 dBm (FCC); ≤20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)
5.8 GHz: ≤33 dBm (FCC), ≤30 dBm(SRRC), ≤14 dBm(CE)
Flight Battery
Capacity5000 mAh
Voltage15.4 V
Charging Voltage Limit17.6 V
Battery TypeLiPo 4S
Energy77 Wh
Charging Temperature41 to 104°F / 5 to 40°C
Weight11.83 oz / 335.5 g
Battery Charger
Input 100-240 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 2.0 A
USB-C Output USB-C: 5.0 V⎓5.0 A/9.0 V⎓5.0 A/12.0 V⎓5.0 A/15.0 V⎓4.3 A/20.0 V⎓3.25 A/5.0~20.0 V⎓3.25 A
USB-A OutputUSB-A: 5 V⎓2 A
Rated Power65 W
Charging Hub
Input USB-C: 5-20 V⎓5.0 A max
OutputBattery: 12-17.6 V⎓5.0 A max
Rated Power65 W
Charging TypeCharges three batteries in sequence.
Charging Temperature Range41° to 104° F / 5° to 40° C
Car Charger
Input Car Power Input: 12.7-16 V⎓6.5 A, rated voltage 14 V DC
OutputUSB-C: 5.0 V⎓5.0 A/9.0 V⎓5.0 A/12.0 V⎓5.0 A/15.0 V⎓4.3A/20.0 V⎓3.25 A/5.0~20.0 V⎓3.25 A
USB-A: 5 V⎓2 A
Rated Power 65 W
Charging TimeApprox. 96 minutes
Charging Temperature Range 41° to 104° F / 5° to 40° C
RC Remote Controller
Remote Controller Transmission SystemDJI RC adopts OcuSync HD video transmission technology. When connected to other compatible drone models, DJI RC will switch to the corresponding video transmission technology. With different aircraft hardware, the corresponding video transmission specifications are as follows:
DJI Mini 3 Pro: O3
DJI Mavic 3: O3+
DJI Mavic 3 Cine: O3+
DJI Air 2S: O3
Max. Transmission Distance (unobstructed, free of interference)DJI Mini 3 Pro: 12 km (FCC); 8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
DJI Mavic 3: 15 km (FCC); 8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
DJI Mavic 3 Cine: 15 km (FCC); 8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
DJI Air 2S: 12 km (FCC); 8 km (CE/SRRC/MIC)
Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz; 5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power2.400-2.4835 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)
5.725-5.850 GHz: <26 dBm (FCC), <23 dBm (SRRC), <14 dBm (CE)
Battery LifeWithout charging any mobile device: 6 hr
when charging mobile device: 4 hr
Supported USB Port TypesLightning, Micro USB, USB-C
Antennas2 antennas, 1T2R
Wi-Fi Protocol802.11 a/b/g/n
Wi-Fi Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz
5.150-5.250 GHz
5.725-5.850 GHz
Transmitter Power (EIRP)2.400-2.4835 GHz: <23 dBm (FCC), <20 dBm (CE/SRRC/MIC)
5.150-5.250 GHz: <23 dBm (FCC/CE/SRRC/MIC)
5.725-5.850 GHz: <23 dBm (FCC/SRRC), <14 dBm (CE)
Bluetooth ProtocolBluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth Operating Frequency2.400-2.4835 GHz
Bluetooth Transmitter Power (EIRP)< 10 dBm
BatteryLi-ion (5,200 mAh @ 3.6 V)
Charging TypeIt is recommended to use a charger rated 5 V/2 A or above.
Rated Power4.5 W
Storage CapacityExpandable (with microSD card up to 512GB
Charging Time1.5 hours (with 5 V/3 A charger)
Operating Time4 hours
Video Output PortN/A
Dimensions (L×W×H)Without control sticks: 168.4×123.7×46.2 mm
With control sticks: 168.4×123.7×62.7 mm
WeightApprox. 390 g
Operating Temperature14° to 104° F / -10° to 40° C
Aircraft General
Number of Rotors4
Operating Temperature14 to 104°F / -10 to 40°C
Diagonal Size14.96" / 380.1 mm
Overall Dimensions3.8 x 3.6 x 8.7" / 96.3 x 90.3 x 221.0 mm (Folded)
11.1 x 4.2 x 13.7" / 283.0 x 107.7 x 347.5 mm (Unfolded)
Takeoff Weight1.97 lb / 895 g
Internal Storage8 GB
Media/Memory Card SlotSingle Slot: microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC (UHS-I) [512 GB Maximum]