Fujifilm X-E3 Digital Camera w/XF 18-55mm Lens Kit (Black)

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The FUJIFILM X-E3 Digital Camera, built from the essence of minimalism, has been refined to maximize functional performance to its utmost limit. This camera was created in the pursuit of minimalism, striving to stimulate the senses of the person wielding it, aiming to draw out the true intent of the photographer. The simple and beautiful appearance pursued by the X-E Series has been fused together with innovative functions and an incredibly compact and lightweight design.
The FUJIFILM X-E3 allows users to enjoy the ultimate level of photographic image quality that the X Series is known for while enjoying the way a camera is supposed to be.



  • Compact & Lightweight Camera Body
  • Right Handed Operation
  • Touchscreen Operation & Focus Lever
  • X-Trans™* CMOS III sensor & X-Processor Pro
  • Wireless communication with Bluetooth®**
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Advanced SR AUTO mode

Focus Lever

With direct operation performed using a stick, it is possible to instantaneously move the focus area in eight directions, including vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. Focusing can be performed accurately with composition already decided.


Customizable Menu

It is possible to assign frequently used menu functions to the "Quick Menu" and "My Menu." Assigned functions can also be called up directly by setting them to the "Function Button". Abundant shortcut possibilities are incredibly convenient, allowing for easy transitions according to the application and scene.

Electronic Viewfinder

Equipped with a 0.62x* / 100% field of view and 2.36M-dot organic EL electronic viewfinder, projecting subjects clearly even in bright outdoors scenes. Boasting a display time lag of just 0.005 seconds, in addition to continuing to capture the subject in real time, the viewfinder also reflects shooting effects such as exposure settings and film simulation.

Touchscreen LCD

The rear LCD monitor adopts an electrostatic touch panel display, supporting intuitive operation with your fingertips such as flick, double tap, tap, drag, and pinching in and out.


    1. 1.[Flick (Up and Down, Left and Right)] Touch Fn.
    2. 2.[Double tap] Enlarged live view / Playback zoom
    3. 3.[Tap, Drag] AF area selection, Touch AF, Touch Shot / View other area during playback zoom
    4. 4.[Pinch-In, Pinch-Out] Playback zoom in and out (Playback mode only)
    5. 5.[Swipe] View next picture (Playback mode only)

It's also possible to use the touch panel while looking into the viewfinder. According to the operation method, it's possible to set the effective range of the touch panel to the full screen, right half, left half, or OFF.

Wireless communication with Bluetooth®*

The first camera in the X Series to be equipped with Bluetooth®functionality, the camera can pair with your smartphone and always stay connected. With images automatically transferred, the connection between the camera and your smartphone or tablet is even smoother. Remote shooting and viewing of images stored within the camera** is also possible.

Pictures taken can be wireless sent to the instax SHARE printer, allowing users to print out their shots instantly.

X-Trans™* CMOS III Sensor for high quality image

The FUJIFILM X-E3 features Fujifilm's X-Trans CMOS III, a 24.3-megapixel APS-C sized sensor renowned for outstanding image quality when combined with high performance XF lenses. Thanks to its random pixel array, the sensor cuts outs moiré and false colors without needing an optical low-pass filter, plus it delivers impressive noise reduction up to ISO 12800. The sensor also offers excellent read speed, helping to improve the camera’s response in the burst mode, high-accuracy AF tracking, high-speed live view and high-quality video performance.

X-Processor Pro with advanced image processing capability

The FUJIFILM X-E3's X-Processor Pro image processing engine delivers a processing speed roughly 4x faster than previous models. The increased buffer memory boosts performance, drawing out the best from the X-Trans CMOS III sensor. This means that ACROS has now been added to the popular set of Film Simulation modes, which are available for both stills and 4K video. X-Processor Pro also enhances overall performance with shorter shooting intervals, shutter release time lag and blackout time, as well as improving AF accuracy and the number of continuous frames possible in the burst mode.


In addition to ordinary ISO levels, the camera is capable of using extended ISO levels, including ISO100/125/160/25600/51200. It is also capable of recording in RAW. The AUTO function allows you to set the standard ISO, low shutter speed limit and upper ISO limit, and configure AUTO 1 - 3 settings according to shooting conditions.

Continuous shooting

Continuous shooting performance up to 8.0fps, allowing for continuous capture of fast-moving subjects, with a buffer of up to 62 frames when shooting JPEGs.

New AF algorithm for smooth continuous shooting

Thanks to the newly developed image recognition algorithm, the FUJIFILM X-E3 is able to track moving subjects twice as fast as previous models*. In addition, the FUJIFILM X-E3 is also able to track moving subjects of half the size as before.

Phase Detection AF area

Choose between 91 or 325 focus points. The fast and accurate phase detection pixels cover 50% [side-to-side] and 75% [top-to-bottom] of the frame. 

AF modes

The camera offers Single Point AF for accurate focus on a single focus point, Zone AF for a moving subject and Wide/Tracking AF. If "ALL" is selected, it is possible to seamlessly switch the AF mode using the rear command dial.


4K Movie Shooting

Support for shooting high quality 4K movies at 29.97 fps with a quality of 100Mbps. Also supports authentic movie shooting, allowing for the external microphone inputs and HDMI monitor output. Film simulation can also be selected even during 4K movie shooting, allowing users to enjoy a variety of video expressions.

Included Flash

A stylish guide number 8 clip-on flash adds to the great design of the camera.

Auto Bracketing

Capable of taking multiple patterns of photos with a single release, the auto bracketing supports 5 different varieties of bracketing, including the standard AE bracketing.

Multiple Exposures

The FUJIFILM X-E3 allows you to combine two frames for an artistic effect. The first shot is displayed on the LCD monitor so it can be seamlessly blended with the second frame.


Pan the camera using the on-screen guide to shoot several frames and the FUJIFILM X-E3 will merge them into an amazing panoramic image. You can choose between "L" for a 180-degree shot and "M" for a 120-degree shot.

The Fujifilm 18-55mm f2.8-4 XF Lens from Fujifilm is the first zoom lens for their X-Pro 1 Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera System. The Fuji FinePix XF 18-55mm f2.8-4 Lens is versatile and compact, allowing you to travel easily and adapt to a variety of shooting situations. The XF 18-55mm has focal lengths running from 27-84mm in the 35mm format, covering a standard zoom range from basic wide-angle to medium telephoto.

The f/2.8-4 aperture allows the lens to stay fast at most focal lengths, and its 3 aspherical lens elements and 1 abnormal dispersion element prevent aberration, giving you phenomenal detail and colors. The fast linear motor-driven autofocus and the built-in functionality of four stops of image stabilization ensure comfortable, confident shooting even in challenging situations. Additionally, an optical image stabilization system keeps your images sharp by compensating for camera shake, especially in low light.