Slik Creator's Studio Kit with Creators Clamp, Sliding Arm II, and SBH-400AS Ball Head

SKU: 618-762 UPC: 049368706926

Product Highlights

  • Create easy Overhead "Lay-Flat" perspectives
  • Universal: attaches to anything up to 3” wide
  • Shoot stable low-angle photos and videos
  • Dual accessory ports: attach a second accessory
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Product Highlights

  • Create easy Overhead "Lay-Flat" perspectives
  • Universal: attaches to anything up to 3” wide
  • Shoot stable low-angle photos and videos
  • Dual accessory ports: attach a second accessory

Included Items

  • Creator's Studio Kit
  • Creator’s Clamp
  • Sliding Arm II
  • SBH-400AS Ball Head
  • Sliding Pole
  • Head Adapter
  • Thread Adapter
  • Hex Key
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty
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Designed for content creators in the studio as well as in the field, the Creator’s Kit bundles three popular Slik components that work well together to give you a complete support system for recording videos. This kit comprises a Creator’s Clamp, Sliding Arm II, and SBH-400AS Ball Head.

The versatility of the Creator’s Clamp is what makes it unique. The reverse surface adapter conveniently rotates 180° to adapt to flat or round surfaces. Rather than provide multiple parts, an included hex key allows users to quickly untighten and rotate the adapter from flat to round. Teeth grooves are embedded to make the process more intuitive.

This universal clamp, crafted from lightweight aluminum, provides invaluable solutions to creators working in tight spaces. Mount the Creator’s Clamp to counter tops, desks, shelves, kitchen islands, and garage benches in your home. The clamp will mount to any surface, flat or round, up to three inches wide.

The compact design of the Creator’s Clamp minimizes bulk and allows photographers in the field to clamp to poles, rails and branches. Not only is the Creator’s Clamp lightweight, by itself the clamp takes up about the same room in your camera bag as a standard zoom lens. This makes it an easy addition for on-the-go setups.

Included with the clamp is a removable 17” sliding pole to move your camera, light or other attachment up and down or extend it from the center fulcrum. The pole comes with a U1/4 20” thread to mount to almost any ball head as well as a U3/8” thread adapter just in case. Dual accessory ports allow users to hook up a second attachment simultaneously to the clamp and an included thread adapters.

The Sliding Arm II, released in early 2021, is essentially a mini boom arm that allows creators to position a camera or other attachment extended away from the center column of a tripod or the sliding pole of the new Creators Clamp. This allows creators access to angles and vantage points that are otherwise inaccessible.

The arm is connected to a fulcrum that allows rotation, tilt and slide for free movement in almost any direction. The arm extends up to 19.5” from the tripod's center column to capture "lay-flat" overhead perspectives useful for vlogging, video tutorials, macro photography and more.

The sliding arm features two knobs. One controls the slide and the other controls rotation and angle. A hook is included, opposite the head, to attach a counterweight (not sold by Slik) for increased stability as the arm extends away from the tripod or clamp's center of gravity. The versatility of the Sliding Arm makes it a great companion for product photographers, vloggers, studio professionals and amateur enthusiasts searching for new perspectives.

Finally, the SBH-400AS is a compact, low-profile ball head with an independent pan knob and tension adjustment dial. The cam lock quick release system allows users to attach the camera from the top of the platform without sliding in or out of the grooves. Weighing just .6 lbs, the SBH-400AS ball head supports up to 8.8 lbs. of gear. The head is capable of handling a professional DSLR with standard lens. The head also has a separate lock with degree markings around the base for stitching together panoramic photos.