Canon Speedlite EL-1

SKU: 4571C002 UPC: 013803331585

Product Highlights

  • Canon TTL Compatible
  • New High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Up to 335 Full Powered Flashes
  • Improved Interface and Control Layout.

Product Highlights

  • Canon TTL Compatible
  • New High Capacity Li-Ion Battery
  • Up to 335 Full Powered Flashes
  • Improved Interface and Control Layout.

Included Items

  • Speedlite EL-1
  • LP-EL Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
  • LC-E6 Battery Charger
  • SBA-EL Bounce Adapter
  • SCF-EL Color Filter Set
  • Stand
  • Soft Case
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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The Speedlite EL-1 is the next generation, all-purpose flash that professionals and advanced amateurs have been seeking, providing durability, reliability and a range of power that opens up a number of possibilities. The new Xenon flash tube offers increased stability for flash output and 14 f-stops of total flash exposure range allowing you to shoot anywhere from a bright 1/1 to a dim, low power 1/8192 to precisely sculpt your scene with light. The new rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack LP-EL supplies a shorter recovery between flashes as well as an impressive number of continuous flash opportunities, and conveniently lets you recharge when needed. The Speedlite EL-1 is designed with the same robust dust and water resistance as our EOS 1D series cameras, has an internal active cooling system for longer and more efficient shooting, simple and accessible controls so it's ready to go when you are, comes bundled with accessories to increase versatility in different lighting situations, and much, much more. It's not just an extension of your camera, it's an extension of your vision.

New Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Utilizing LC-E6 Battery Charger

Improved performance and convenience are the results of the new compact and rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack LP-EL. It delivers the power and reliability needed when shooting any situation, especially weddings or photojournalism opportunities when a moment can be once-in-a-lifetime, so you can feel confident in the flash recycle performance when shooting a series of images for extended periods of time. You can even view the remaining battery level in the top right display of the Speedlite EL-1, letting you know just how long you can go or when it's time to recharge with the LC-E6 battery charger.

Improved Recycling Time (0.9 Sec.) and Number of Flashes (335 Times)

Additional benefits of the new rechargeable Li-ion Battery in the Speedlite EL-1 is the speed at which the flash recycles so you can utilize it back to back repetitively, one flash after another. With an approx. recycle time of 0.9 sec. (approx. 6x faster than the 600EX II-RT when the 600EX II-RT is used with AA/LR6 alkaline batteries) you will find improved consistency and less underexposed black frames, when the opportunity presents itself. The improved power of the rechargeable Li-ion Battery is also evidenced by the number of times you can fire the flash when fully charged, up to 335 times (approx. 3x longer than the 600EX II-RT when the 600EX II-RT is used with AA/LR6 alkaline batteries) before having to recharge or simply swapping out for another LP-EL battery.

New Active Cooling System enabling Longer Operation

An active cooling system helps circulate air throughout the flash head to keep it cool when firing continuously for longer periods of time, using a fan and glass panel to improve heat resistance. This cooling system lets you keep firing the flash for approx. 170 continuous shots, while also not impairing the dust- and water-resistance of the Speedlite EL-1.

Improved Thermal Management

A high-durability Xenon-filled glass flash tube helps the Speedlite EL-1 fire more effectively and efficiently.

LED Modeling Lamp with Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

When setting up your shots, you can utilize the two color LED modeling lamps on the Speedlite EL-1. These two lamps can help you ascertain the coverage and direction of light to get the results you want prior to shooting, and are also adjustable in brightness and color temperature when working in a dark studio. Each modeling lamp automatically turns off during release. Same Dust- and Water-Resistance as EOS-1D Series and a New High-Durability Glass Flash Tube The Speedlite EL-1 is designed to maintain the high standard of dust- and water-resistant performance found on Canon's EOS-1D series of cameras. Its exterior seams are sealed to help maintain airtightness, while a dust- and water-resistant adapter mounted to the bottom of the flash surrounds and locks around the camera's hot shoe for a nearly impenetrable seal. By maintaining the overall weather-resistant surface of the EOS-1D series, the Speedlite EL-1 can bring flash photography to more places, in more environments, without compromise. Full Swivel 180° with Bounce Up To 120°, Built-in Catch Light Panel and Wide Panel The Speedlite EL-1's flash head is designed for easy bounce flash, in any direction. The head can now be angled 120° up, 7° down and can rotate 180° left and right. A bounce lock with release button helps things stay in place. Additionally, the Speedlite EL-1 features a catchlight panel to create catchlights in the eyes of the subject for a more expressive look.