HPRC 6300 Wheeled Hard Case for Tripods

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This product is no longer available

The HPRC 6300 Wheeled Hard Case for Tripods is ideal for all-terrain protection for tripods  and light stands. With 4 double-restraint latches, 3 convenient handles, and wheels, this case improves the ability to travel with bulky or heavy materials.


Specifications -
Empty: 5.7 Kg / 12.57 lbs

Temperature Rating:
Minimum: -40°C -32°F
Maximum: +80°C +176°F

Why Trust HPRC (High Performance Resin Cases)?
TTX01 material confers the cases characteristics to withstand to impacts, drops and pressures thanks to its high resistance together with elasticity. An HPRC case used in extreme temperature conditions (both warm and cold) never lose its own distinctive characteristics (Granted range of temperature is -40°C +80°C). HPRC cases are watertight, dust – humidity – acids, ashes and sand proof. Cases withstand drops and impacts: a tool of transport not comparable to any other in the market for protection. Do not forget that TTX01 makes HPRC cases lighter in comparison to the average of the market. Maximum protection and light weight.