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iOptron SkyGuider Pro Full Package 2 reviews
SKU: 3550
Compact, silent and precise, the iOptron SkyGuider Pro Full Package features adjustable illumination as well as full integration with a proprietary iOS app for fast, accurate polar alignment and star tracking. Four tracking rates—solar, lunar, celestial and half-celestial—work in both northern and southern hemispheres for wide-field sky-scape and astrophotography. The...
  • Four individual tracking rates
  • 11-pound payload capacity
  • 20-hour rechargeable battery
  • Allows minutes long exposures of stars
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iOptron SkyGuider Counterweight 1.35kg
SKU: 8605
Engineered to stabilize heavier cameras and lenses, the iOptron SkyGuider Counterweight 1.35kg works with both the SkyGuider and SkyGuider Pro camera mounts. This three-pound counterweight is easy to mount, and also pairs with other iOptron mounts, including: CubePro  CEM23/ZEQ25  IEQ30 Pro/iEQ30  CEM40/CEM40EC  MiniTower/II/Pro  AZ Mount Pro  When paired with the...
  • 3-pound counterweight
  • Compatible with SkyGuider & SkyGuider Pro
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