Fujifilm View Camera Adapter G for GFX 50S/50R

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This View Camera Adapter G is capable of using the GFX 50S as a digital back (sold separately)

The view camera adapter can be used when shooting with the GFX 50S when using older FUJINON large format camera lenses, such as the CM FUJINON, etc. The adapter is mounted in the film camera loading position of the view camera which adopts the film format of the 4x5 size.

The shutter can be used from either the lens side or the body side, allowing the user to choose the optimum method depending on shooting conditions.

The large image circle of the large format lens and variable optical axis functions according to the unique bellows of the view camera can be used to perform tilt shooting photography, effective for product shooting and architectural photography.

*There may be instances in which the adapter cannot be mounted depending on the shape of the view camera.