ProMaster HGX Prime 95mm Circular Polarizer Filter

PRO MasterSKU: 6879

Sale price$269.95

  • Protective: Repellemax II Anti-static barrier resists dust, dirt, oil, water and fingerprints
  • Best Image: Cutting-edge multi-coatings pass the clearest light to your sensor
  • Strong and Durable: Ultra hardened glass with scratch resistant coating
  • Bright: Extremely high visible light transmission to your camera
  • HGX Prime 95mm Circular Polarizer Filter

  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Frame Thickness 7.0 mm
Lens Thickness 2.0 mm
Coatings 18 layers
Light Transmission Rate Maximum 88.9% / average 44.4% (average at 400 - 700 nm)
Reflection Less than 0.6% (average at 420 - 680 nm)