Fujifilm X100T Digital Camera (Silver)

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The Fujifilm X100T (Silver) gives all the control to the photographer, but backed up with advanced technology.  Packed with new features such as the world's first electronic rangefinder - a high-quality fusion of optics and electronics - and the Classic Chrome mode, offering the simulation of a classic film style, photographers can combine their passion for shooting with the thrill of controlling their camera once more.  The X100T features an APS-C sized 16.3MP X-Trans CMOS II sensor and a notable low-light sensitivity with maximum extended ISO 51200.  Including a continuous shooting rate of 6 fps, Intelligent Hybrid AF, full HD 1080p video recording this camera offers everything someone would be looking for in a high-definition, high-quality camera.  A new sophisticated designed is used for the finder display.  Screen information is now easier to see.  

Designed as the world's first in optical viewfinders, the Fuji X100T offers a newly-designed electronic rangefinder.  Highly accurate manual focusing, the simultaneous display of the EVF area on the screen of the optical viewfinder enables accurate focusing in real time.  All you need to do is turn the focus ring and bring the subject in the EVF area in focus, just like focusing a rangefinder.  In addition, Focus Peaking and Digital Split Image can be selected and the magnification of the focused are can be changed.  The hybrid viewfinder, a key selling point of the Fuji X100 series, has been furthered evolved.  Parallax, the gap between the shooting range frame and actual shooting range when shooting close up, is automatically corrected in real time.  Reframing after focusing is no longer a necessary.  Screen information is now easier to see. The hybrid viewfinder allows you to switch between optical and electronic options with a single lever.  

The use of traditional dials allows users to see the camera settings at a glance, even when the camera is turned off.  Settings can be made so you're ready to shoot according to lighting conditions, which enhances the camera's instinctive functionality.  Your conversation with the Fuji X100T starts the moment you pick it up. 

The value of photographic image is not only determined by resolution or composition, expressions and feelings are always important.  Classic Chrome reproduces colors of the film genre, with rich colors reminiscent of the old reversal era.  

Key Features:

  • New Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder
  • New Upgraded Operability 
  • New Film Simulation "Classic Chrome"
  • New Electronic Shutter 1/32000 sec.
  • New Remote Shooting from your smartphone
  • X-Trans CMOS II sensor & EXR Processor II