Astrophotography Hacks with Derek Sturman

Derek Sturman's list of tips and tricks will make for cleaner higher quality astro and milkyway images, as well as advice on post processing milkyway images to get the most color and detail.

This workshop will cover: focusing at night, stacking, tracking, blending and general good practices for cleaner night sky images.

About your Instructor: Derek Sturman

Derek began photographing landscapes in July of 2015 and started experimenting with long exposure while camping after picking up a DSLR camera that he originally purchased for video.

Derek is a landscape and astrolandscape photographer from Utah specializing in photographing the milky way over unique landscapes. Derek offers education through online tutorials from the basics to advanced post processing techniques and private photographic workshops.

When: Saturday, Sept. 30th 1-2PM

Where: Upstairs Studio