Star Trails: Giving the Night Sky a New Spin

Star Trails: Giving the Night Sky a New Spin

Our night skies hold so many wonders. Those wonders offer so many exciting photo opportunities. Pictureline wants to help you capture more of these possibilities. Next up in an on-going collection of seminars aimed at unlocking the secrets of photographing the night sky is: Star Trails.

We all know that out home... the earth... is spinning both on it’s axis and around the solar system. What we want to know next is how do you actually SHOW that movement in a picture... How do you make Star Trail pictures with a modern digital camera?

About your Instructor: Paul Van Allen

Join Pictureline in welcoming Professional Photographer, Professional Instructor and Nikon Professional Services Rep, Paul Van Allen. Join Paul as he walks you through the tricks, tips and workflow that promises to help you capture this amazing beautiful way of seeing our sky at night.

While Paul does work for Nikon, this information packed class applies to nearly ALL brands and makes of cameras... not just Nikons! Mark your calendars and make sure to save your seat for this FREE seminar!

When: Friday, Sept. 29th 2-3PM

Where: Upstairs Studio