Dixie Dixon Fashion

From Concept to Canvas - Dixie Dixon's Fashion Photography Unveiled

Nikon Ambassador, Dixie Dixon, will be showcasing her fashion and lifestyle photography tips and entire creative process from idea to execution. Fashion photography is an art form where storytelling and vision come to life. Join Dixie in an in-depth look into her favorite fashion and storytelling techniques: camera and lens selection, lighting for beauty and impact, transforming portraits into high fashion works of art, working with talent, and post-processing for epic results. She will also be sharing insights into her career in the fashion/commercial photography industry, and how you can get started and build a name for yourself. Dixie will be an open book answering all questions throughout her talk as she loves to connect with and empower photographers to go after their dreams in the creative space.

Dixie Dixon
About your Instructor: Dixie Dixon

Dixie Dixon is an internationally renowned fashion, lifestyle, and commercial advertising photographer and film director based out of Dallas, Texas. She travels worldwide working with brands ranging from Disney to Virgin to People and has spent the last decade bringing creative visions to life for brands, ad agencies, fashion, and commercial clients. As a Nikon Ambassador of the United States, she brings a wildly positive energy to set that creates a one of a kind experience for her clients. Dixie’s style embodies an idealistic approach to photography and motion work with a touch of soulful realism. As a full-service production company, her team and her regularly create refreshingly upbeat campaigns for lifestyle brands, beauty companies, and high fashion advertising campaigns. Check out her work on her website and on Instagram @iamdixiedixon.

When: Saturday, Sept. 30th 11-1PM

Where: Upstairs Studio