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Smooth time-lapse: In time-lapse mode the Genie performs move, shoot, move which allows the unit to come to a complete stop before firing the shutter.

Doubles as a video slider: The Genie can be set to video mode and take perfectly smooth real time video shots. There's no link cable required for using the Genie like this and simply set the distance you would like the Genie to move and how long you would like to record for and press start. Alternatively use one of the factory pre-sets already on the device.


About Syrp

Syrp brings the best of the design and film industry together to develop products that unleash the creativity of film makers. Syrp was formed with the goal of providing exceptional film equipment to independent film makers at prices they can afford. We design film gear that bridges the gap between creativity and technology. Giving film makers the tools they need to get the shots they want without having to be a technical expert.

We design gear for the photographer, not for the camera and this user orientated approach means film makers can arrive on location and start shooting with minimal setup, and get the shots they need when they need them. With a thirst for new exciting footage and an expanding product line, we can’t wait to bring Syrp Gear into the hand of more and more photographers and film-makers around the world.

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