Trade-In Evaluation

Terms of Evaluation:

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  • LIKE NEW MINUS: Items in this category will look like they have just come out of the original box. Original accessories and packaging are usually included. 99% - 100% of the original condition, even when viewed by the most discerning eyes.
  • EXCELLENT PLUS: Items in this category will look like they have had very little to no use, with any wear only visible under close inspection. 90% - 99% of original condition.
  • EXCELLENT: Items in this category will have normal signs of use, or signs appropriate with the age of the item. Most items used by enthusiasts or beginning pro photographers will fall into this category. 75% - 90% of original condition.
  • POOR: 65% - 75% of original condition.
  • UGLY: Items in this category are either inoperable or so worn from the original condition that they can't be counted on for reliable operation. While we cannot pay for these items, we are happy to help you recycle them in an environmentally friendly and responsible way.
Gear List: