Book: 100 Techniques for Professional Wedding Photographers

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Perfect all of your images, simplify your workflow, and make every wedding shoot a more streamlined, positive, and productive experience with one hundred easy-to-implement ideas from the pros.

The unique format of this book makes it a perfect reference for photographers who need some quick ideas to jumpstart their session or for those who have more time to digest and implement an array of time-tested techniques. With one hundred numbered, standalone sections on a vast array of topics, you can flip open to any page and come away with a wealth of knowledge to enhance your working habits and build your artistry. You'll get tips for working with nervous brides, remembering key players' names, making a master shcedule, and posing groups quickly and easily. Strategies for posing individuals and couples will give you confidence and add polish to your images, as will tips for working in open shade, lighting for ceremony shots, and creating light ratios that sculpt the subject. Instruction for digital retouching and artistic enhancement make this one book no photographer can afford to do without.


• Packing your bags for the wedding shoot

• Preparing for can't-miss shots, from the bride's preparation at home to the cake cutting and bouquet toss

• Developing rapport with the bride and groom—and strategies for remembering the names of key players

• Making quick work of posing and photographing the bridal party and other large groups

• Digital camera settings that ensure less time spent correcting images in postproduction

• Essential tips for international travel

• Retouching shiny skin, wrinkles, blemishes, and more

• Color correction, toning, handcoloring, and other digital strategies for polishing images

• Incredible images from nearly 50 of the idustry's leading photographers

Bill Hurter is the editor of Rangefinder magazine, a monthly publication for professional photographers. He is the former editor of Petersen’s PhotoGraphic magazine and a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, from which he holds a BFA in professional photography and an honorary Masters of Science degree. He has been involved in professional photography for more than twenty-five years.