Book: The Best of Wedding Photojournalism: Techniques and Images for Professional Digital Photographers (2nd Ed.)

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The Best of Wedding Photojournalism

Get an inside look at the working habits of the industry’s top photojournalists. With over 150 sophisticated, emotionally charged, documentary images, and the secrets top photographers rely on to capture these fleeting moments, this book will help you look at weddings—and your creative opportunities—as never before. Bill Hurter masterfully unites the imagery and skill, imagination and advice of award-winning shooters for a look at wedding photography you’ll never forget.

Bill Hurter is the editor of Rangefinder magazine, a monthly publication for professional photographers. He is the former editor of Petersen’s PHOTOGraphic magazine and a graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography, from which he holds a BFA in professional photography and an honorary Masters of Science degree. He has been involved in professional photography for more than twenty-five years.