Atomos Atomflex HDMI Male to Mini-HDMI Coiled Cable (12 to 24")

SKU: ATOM4K60C3 UPC: 814164020596
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Included Items

  • Atomflex HDMI Male to Mini-HDMI Coiled Cable (12 to 24")
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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HDMI Cables

Ensure your HDMI cables aren’t the weakest link on set. Featuring high quality connectors, high speed HDMI 2.0 for the latest high frame rate recordings and a coiled cable for neater cable management on the rig. Durable and rugged HDMI cables specifically designed for filmmakers.

HDMI 2.0 Ready

Passes the high speed tests laid out in HDMI 2.0. 4Kp60 and HD 240p are fully supported.

4K and HDR Ready

Compatible with 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) product line up. Ready to deal with the demands of modern filmmaking.

4KP60 Ready

The perfect cable for Ninja V, Shogun 7, Shinobi and connecting other high frame rate 4Kp60 ProRes and RAW infrastructure.

Atomflex Coiled Cable

Coiled cable to give flexibility on the rig, extending & retracting as you need to minimize clutter.