Autumn Aloft Candlestick on Main Street Balloon Basket Burn (September 15th, Saturday)

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September 15th
Park City Main Street 
meet at NE corner of Heber & Main
Park City, Utah

The annual 'Candlestick on Main Street' Balloon Basket Burn is an experience all in itself. Park City Main Street is lined with the burners used to keep the hot air balloons afloat. The intensity of the flame and the unique way to view this iconic street is a perfect way to end the weekend.

Join us for a photo walk Saturday evening to experience this exciting event! We are meeting at 7:30pm on Park City Main Street on the NE corner of Heber and Main. Bring friends. Or come by yourself. Just make sure to bring your camera!

Please register so we know who to expect. We don't want to leave anyone behind!

All attendees are welcome and encouraged to participate in our annual Autumn Aloft photo contest where 3 lucky winners will win a Benro Travel Tripod and a pictureline gift card for $50, $100, or $150.

We will be participating Friday and Saturday morning at the Autumn Aloft Balloon Festival. Friday is our VIP day where attendance is invitation only, so less people! You can join our Meet-up Group, enjoy breakfast on us, and get loaner gear from Nikon and Mac Group. Or, you can purchase the VIP Experience and also get to ride up in a hot air balloon! (seats are limited) Saturday morning is General Admission but we'll still have loaner gear and an informal meet-up.

We hope to see you at one or all of the events!