Benro TMA27C Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod

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As part of our most advanced range of photo tripods, the Mach3 TMA27C combines classic design with advanced materials. High-performance twist locks and magnesium castings make this 9X carbon fiber tripod ideal for indoor or outdoor photoshoots.



Max. Load: 30.9 lb (14 kg)
Max. Height: (24° LEG ANGLE) w/ column extended 63.78 in (162 cm)
Max. Height: (24° LEG ANGLE) w/ column retracted 53.15 in (135 cm)
Min. Height: 15.16 in (38.5 cm)
Max. Height: 63.78 in (162 cm)
Folded Length: 24.6 in (62.5 cm)
Number of Leg Sections: 3
Leg Lock Type: Twist
Weight: 3.13 lb (1.42 kg)
Leg Diameter: 1 28.6 mm
Leg Diameter: 2 25.2 mm
Leg Diameter: 3 21.8 mm