Bird Photography at Farmington Bay – April 27th, 2024 (morning session)

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  • Dates: April 27th, 2024 
  • Time: 6:30am-8:30am
  • Where: Farmington Bay
  • Address: 1157 South Waterfowl Way, Farmington, UT 84025
  • Instructor: Mary Anne Karren


We had a fantastic time at Farmington Bay! Mary Anne Karren showed us how it's done by army crawling through the grass while the rain was coming down. The rain didn't stop us from getting the shot and we were able to capture some awesome birds, especially the Blue Heron! Canon Rep, Kyle Valla was able to capture a notable image of a Blue Heron snagging a vole! This years photowalk at Farmington Bay was another total success! 

Spring in the Great Salt Lake provides essential habitat for millions of migrating and breeding birds that thrive in our climate. Farmington Bay, Utah is home to more than 200 species, and nearly 60 are known to nest there. Some species you'll find in the springtime are Western and Clark’s Grebes, American White Pelicans, White-faced Ibis, Sandhill Cranes, Black-necked Stilts, American Avocets, and Snowy Plovers.

Join us for the morning session where we will capture birds in the early sunrise light with talented wildlife photographer Mary Anne Karren as we take advantage of the prime wildlife conditions at Farmington Bay using telephoto lenses. We will meet at 6:30am in front of the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Wildlife Education Center. From there, we will separate into different groups. 

Suggested gear to bring:

  • Tripod/Monopod
  • Memory card
  • Camera
  • Lens (Telephoto preferred)
  • Water
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray

Canon will accompany us at this event and provide loaner gear ensuring you secure the shot. Pictureline rental department also has telephoto lenses to rent for those who want some extra range. Spots will be limited, so make your reservation today!

Get to Know Mary Anne Karren: 

I'm a Salt Lake City-based wildlife photographer exploring how to use my tools as an artist and photographer to benefit birds and their habitat. My current project focuses on the rapidly disappearing Great Salt Lake, largest saline lake in the hemisphere and lynchpin habitat for ten million migratory birds. My work juxtaposes the vibrant bird life of Great Salt Lake with its otherworldly landscapes.

The Beauty Between from Austin Smock