Black Rapid Yeti Slim Single Strap for Double Cameras

SKU:RS2DC-1AS UPC: 898821002446

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The BlackRapid Yeti Slim Dual Camera Harness is a thinner and lighter version of the Yeti Dual Camera Harness. The Yeti Slim features a single shoulder design and two straps that allow you to carry two cameras at once and quickly slide them up to shooting position when the moment strikes. The Yeti harness has a wide, non-slip foam pad to keep your shoulders and back comfortable, and the cross-body stabilizer holds the whole harness against your body. There's also a second stabilizer you can wear under your right or left arm for added comfort and stability.

Each of the Yeti's straps can support a camera with a lens attached. One strap is 63" while the other is 59". The Yeti attaches to your 1/4-20" tripod socket with the included stainless steel FastenRs.

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