Cam Caddie Scorpion Video Camera Support

SKU:0CC-0100-00 UPC: 094922921079

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The  Cam Caddie Scorpion Video Camera Support  has been rated as one of the best handheld stedicams for today's small video cameras and DSLR cameras.  

The Cam Caddie Scorpion is constructed from a lightweight composite with our custom formulated polymer grip. The Scorpion provides a stable and solid platform to comfortably hold and maneuver the camera. The patented design displaces the weight of your gear enabling a stable support rig that dampens movement while shooting. The system can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or jib arm. It is ideal for capturing all types of events, such as: action sports corporate events, weddings, walkthroughs and much more. Attach an endless variety of accessories to the Scorpion ensuring you have what you need for your next shoot.

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