Canyons Photography Tour (Monday, Nov. 4–Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019)

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Tour information

6 days, 5 Nights 6-12 Guests Price: $1250 / $500 off non-photographer partner

Date: Nov 4-9, 2019

Tour Highlights

  • Zion National Park (stay in the heart of the park at Zion Lodge)
  • Antelope Slot Canyon
  • Secret Canyon private excursion
  • Horseshoe Bend private excursion (Colorado River)
  • Lake Powell by boat
  • Local guide & instructors
  • Friendly small-group atmosphere (6-12 participants)

For the full itinerary, more information, and registration click here.

The Workshop

Workshop Sessions
Classroom time (one-hour sessions) is devoted to reviewing your daily images on-screen and offering helpful suggestions. We’ll primarily demonstrate Adobe Lightroom tips and tricks, but we dive into Photoshop sometimes too. In the field, we’re always nearby to answer your technical questions and help you master your own equipment.

Workshop Leader
Sean McFarland, a native Utah photographer, will be the instructor for this workshop. Sean has been involved with Italy Workshops for over a decade, both in Europe and on our US Canyon tours. He’s an amazing instructor, drawing on skills from his day job, Head Broadcast Engineer for a worldwide network.

Sean has a second home near Zion Nation Park so he knows and loves the area. More importantly, he’s hilarious and fun to travel with!

Our mission is to place you in outrageous locations at the best times of day, and to work side by side with you in the field, to ensure you go home with solid images and new post-production skills to edit them.





For all levels of Photographers

Beginner and Intermediate Photographers

We enjoy helping you master those buttons and menus on your camera! Short, daily field lessons will tackle one technique at the time. Further individual attention in the field helps you lock in the concepts.

Any camera is welcome! Non-photographer partners are welcome to sit in on all discussions and participate at their own level of interest. (Beginners often make some of the best images we see!)

Advanced Photographers

As an advanced photographer, you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Build your portfolio, adding strong images every single day of the trip.
  • Focus on the style development, lighting, and composition.
  • Work in “concentrations” to produce a collection of work suitable for a gallery showing or book project.

You will return home with a body of work suitable for a gallery showing or book project that will express your personal style, as opposed to a random collection of travel photos.