Cokin P Series Filter Holder

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The Cokin P Series Filter Holder is part of the Cokin modular filter system.  The P (professional) size holder is recommended for larger diameter lenses up to 82mm. Recommended for focal lengths from 28mm onwards (35mm format).

The P Filter-Holder is the ideal Filter-Holder to avoid vignetting on 35mm format lenses. Up to three filters can be used to create a unique effect. Select an adapter ring to fit the diameter of your desired lens, lock it into the holder, attach the combination to the lens and add a desired P size filter.

The holder has the rear facing adapter ring slot plus 2 forward facing slots for rectangular filers and one narrow slot for a rotational round filter, such as a polarizer.  The holder may be rotated for alignment of specific filter effects.

One set of filters may be used on many different lenses, with the proper adapter ring, thus cutting down on the number of different size filters that must be carried.

P size adapter rings are available in the following sizes : 48/49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm and Hasselblad special rings.

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