Epson Legacy Paper Sample Pack 8.5x11”

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This is a 12 sheet medley pack (letter size) of all current Epson Legacy Papers - 3 sheets each of 4 different papers - that are designated by Epson as the highest quality media products for both photographic and fine art output.

Paper Specifications:
  • Legacy Platine
  • Legacy Baryta
  • Legacy Fibre
  • Legacy Etching

In collaboration with the world’s greatest artists, these unique papers were developed for those who intend to sell their prints to both art collectors and investors.

Working with famous European paper makers, art galleries, and chemical engineers, Epson ensured the Legacy Paper line to be the finest papers available.

As a result, Epson Legacy Papers produce outstanding black density and color fidelity – along with exceptional archival properties required for high-end photographic fine art printing.