Epson SureColor P900 Printer

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Product Highlights

  • MicroPiezo AMC Print Head
  • New Epson UltraChrome PRO10 Ink Set
  • Carbon Black Mode
  • New 4.3” Touchscreen User Interface
  • Simplified Media Handling
  • Professional iPhone / iPad Application
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Product Highlights

  • MicroPiezo AMC Print Head
  • New Epson UltraChrome PRO10 Ink Set
  • Carbon Black Mode
  • New 4.3” Touchscreen User Interface
  • Simplified Media Handling
  • Professional iPhone / iPad Application

Included Items

  • SureColor P900 Printer
  • Initial Ink Cartridges
  • AC Power Cable
  • User Guide Kit (Documentation and Warranty)
  • CD/DVD Disc Tray
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The Epson SureColor P900 is a professional photographic printer capable of making museum- and exhibition-quality prints on a variety of medias up to 17” wide. The SureColor P900 represents a breakthrough in professional printing technology by drawing from over 20 years of experience from the leader in photographic printing to incorporate features previously only found only in large format printers, all from the convenience of a desktop machine that is now 30% smaller than its predecessor.

MicroPiezo AMC Print Head

The SureColor P900 uses a new, 10-channel MicroPiezo AMC Print Head. This revolutionary design allows for ink droplets as small as 1.5 picolitres, a new best for Epson in this category of printer. Additionally, the head has the ability to output up to three different droplet sizes per nozzle in a single pass, reducing the need for multiple passes to accommodate the different drop sizes needed for a given print. This new head also had dedicated channels for matte black and photo black, eliminating the need to switch blacks based on media selection, and utilizes a proprietary ink-repelling coating to reduce the chances for nozzle clogs.

Epson UltraChrome PRO10 Ink Set

The SureColor P900 uses Epson’s newest 10-color pigment ink set, UltraChrome PRO10. This new ink allows for a wider color gamut than previous generation printers in photographic and graphic design applications. The introduction of a violet ink channel helps to improve accuracy of blues, violets, and purples when printed, and the Advanced B&W mode still allows for perfectly neutral or custom-toned black-and-white photos.

The P900 now has dedicated photo black and matte black channels, eliminating the need to switch back and forth depending on media type. The result is faster printing when switching media, and cost savings by not having to switch inks. The large 50ml ink cartridges also allow for significant cost savings compared to smaller cartridges used in more consumer-based printers, and the PRO10 ink is industry leading in print permanence.

Carbon Black Mode

The SureColor P900 incorporates a new Carbon Black Mode that dramatically improves the black density. The result is a nearly 11% increase in DMAX over previous generation printers. This special driver mode improves black density, contrast, and reduces bronzing and gloss differential. It is optimized for glossy or metallic media, and results in a rich, almost wet-looking black, without the need for a gloss optimizer.

New 4.3” Touchscreen User Interface

The SureColor P900 incorporates a brand new, feature packed 4.3” touchscreen interface. This new interface gives you an unprecedented look at the status of the printer, settings, print job status and time remaining, as well as a live preview of the image being printed. The progress bar with time remaining, as well as new internal light option, mean that you’ll never be left in the dark wondering how much longer until your print is ready.

Advanced Media Handling

The SureColor P900 has simplified the media loading process. With support on medias up to 17” wide, the P900 can handle anywhere from 10-30 sheets of standard or fine art media. The need for a secondary tray for fine art papers has been eliminated, meaning loading a standard copy paper is now just as easy as loading a favorite Signature Worthy or Legacy Photo Paper. The single sheet front loading for media up to 1.5mm thick is still incorporated, and an optional enclosed roll media adapter allows for printing on 2” or 3” cored roll media up to 17” wide, making this the most versatile 17” printer available.

Professional iPhone / iPad Application

Epson has realized the increasing role that mobile devices play in people's everyday lives, and has incorporated the ability to make simple, professional prints from a tablet or phone. This professional, color-managed printing makes exhibition-quality prints without the need to connect to a computer. Full, professional color management or Advanced Black&White modes are fully available from the application.

*Roll media available with optional adapter